Create a farmhouse bedroom that is fresh and modern

Create a farmhouse bedroom that's fresh and modern

farmhouse bedroom with solid wood bed and wooden bed table

There was a time when a farmhouse bedroom was the preserve of fussy country cottages only, but this interior look has come a long way since its patchwork, shabby-chic days. The modern farmhouse bedroom is a much more contemporary, cooler and pared-down incarnation of its former self and works just as well in city spaces as it does in rural homes. From wood panelling for added texture to neutral colour palettes, you can create a chic, contemporary look that still has a timeless, rustic feel.

Invest in a wooden bed frame, add rustic and reclaimed furniture, and layer up natural materials, such as linen and wool, to give your bedroom a cosy atmosphere. With the right styling, you can create a fresh and modern farmhouse bedroom that will be an inviting and stylish space for years to come.

What is modern farmhouse decor?

Compared to traditional farmhouse décor, modern farmhouse is more sophisticated with cleaner, smoother lines and a simpler palette. It still brings a high level of comfort that you usually associate with country and farmhouse styles, but rather than being overly rustic and fussy, modern farmhouse interior schemes mix minimal, luxurious textures with neutrals and smoother finishes.

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas – Get the Look

Dark grey wood panelling and solid wood bed for how to create a farmhouse bedroom

Wood panelling

A foolproof way to give a bedroom an instant farmhouse feel is to incorporate some wood panelling. A panelled wall provides the perfect backdrop to add warmth and depth, especially in new builds that lack character. To keep it modern, paint the panelling in a soft neutral colour scheme. That’s not to say you can’t have exposed wood panelling in a contemporary farmhouse bedroom. Deep blues and warm primary colours such as mustard yellow and rust brown contrast beautifully with the warmness of natural wood, whilst keeping it fresh and modern. If you want to keep the space light, stick to chalky white walls to create a simple and serene background to the wood.

Texture is key

According to interior designers, the secret to making a farmhouse bedroom feel authentic is to bring in lots of natural elements and textures. Wood and rustic wood add instant texture, whether that’s rustic furniture, a wooden floor, beams or panelling. But for a modern take, bring in other materials drawn from nature such as layers of bedding in natural linen and soft wool, cushions, window dressing, rugs and interesting accessories, including stylish lighting.

Wooden headboard for farmhouse bedroom blog

Invest in a wooden bed frame

When picking a bed for a farmhouse bedroom a wooden headboard is an obvious choice. Again, this goes back to texture, the glue that holds the modern farmhouse look together. You can’t go wrong with rustic and reclaimed furniture for that genuine and natural finish and a king size wooden bed frame crafted in reclaimed wood as a focal point sets an immediate farmhouse tone. For a contemporary feel, keep other furniture to a minimum – a pair of wooden bedside tables and a rustic chest of drawers should be enough – and pick a clean and simple colour scheme for walls and bedding. Reclaimed furniture comes with its own unique personality, but to put your own stamp on the space, focus on the finer details, such as lighting and other accessories in the room.

A warm and minimal colour palette

When it comes to colours for a farmhouse bedroom, a rule of thumb is to keep it simple and pared back. Most modern schemes adopt a neutral palette, combining different shades of white, brown and grey. Warm neutrals, such as beige and tan will add various levels of warmth, whilst cool neutrals, including grey, greige, stone and taupe invite a sense of serenity. If you want to expand your farmhouse horizons, look to nature for colour inspiration to be confident the hues will work together harmoniously. Earth tones, including mushroom, chestnut and terracotta sit well with warm neutrals, as do spicy hues like saffron and mustard. For cool neutrals, greens of all kinds, warm cornflower blues and even pastel pinks create a new and appealing farmhouse style.

farmhouse bedroom interior for farmhouse bedroom blogCredit: Runo Hotel, Porvoo

Source rustic and reclaimed furniture

We’ve talked about the importance of adding texture to bring a farmhouse bedroom to life, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with reclaimed furniture and rustic furniture. Timeless and built to stand the test of time, reclaimed wood furniture not only looks beautiful with authentic knots, grains and imperfections, but it also carries with it a unique story and charm that modern furniture simply can’t replicate.

But reclaimed furniture doesn’t have to be all raw and exposed, it can range from rustic to modern, depending on the type of finish. For a more modern take, pick wood with a lighter finish or if you prefer a classic farmhouse furniture style, painted reclaimed furniture in an off-white or dark grey is a stylish choice.

rustic bedside table with drawer

Farmhouse bedroom accessories

As with any interior scheme, it’s the attention to detail that helps pull the look together. For a truly authentic modern farmhouse mood, opt for accessories with a rustic feel or made from natural materials such as wood, metal, stone or clay. Look for wooden wall-mounted shelves, woven baskets, terracotta pots and jugs, along with wooden framed mirrors and picture frames. Similarly, pick something made from natural materials such as jute or sisal when it comes to choosing rugs.

Lighting should not be overlooked and in order to create the right ambience it needs to be layered. From dark metal or vintage wall lights to oversized pendants or antique chandeliers to hang on lofty beamed ceilings, when choosing lights for a farmhouse bedroom the main consideration is to strike a balance so they blend harmoniously without it becoming too much of one thing and overly themed.

farmhouse bedroom with rattan pendant light and stone vase with pampers grass accessory

By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cosy and modern farmhouse bedroom that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

House Tour: A chic home brings modern farmhouse style to Wales

grey fabric sofa and rustic coffee table for

modern farmhouse living room with rustic coffee table with pale blue fabric sofa

When we want a hit of modern farmhouse inspiration we often find ourselves scrolling through Instagram to lust over some of the home interiors in our feed. One account we always come back to is Cwmrhys Cottage – a beautifully renovated Victorian cottage situated in the small village of Lampeter in West Wales and a fine example of modern farmhouse chic, complete with rustic furniture and natural materials.

bedroom with cream fabric headboard and upholstered bench at foot of bed

It was love at first sight for Dominique and her partner Shaun when they saw the rundown cottage, complete with stunning countryside views and genuine period features. After buying the cottage at auction, they spent the next two years completely renovating the property to create an exquisite home that is a vision of modern farmhouse style. We caught up with Dominique to ask her about the renovation, her style and how a mix of classic and rustic furniture helped create an effortlessly characterful and chic home.

House at a glance

Who lives here: Dominique and Shaun with their two ‘fur babies’, Auror, a Golden Retriever and Kiara, a Cocker Spaniel.

Type of property: Traditional detached Welsh cottage, West Wales

Size: 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

The renovation

modern farmhouse kitchen with island and fabric bar stools

“We renovated the property from top to bottom, completely gutting and stripping it back to its internal walls and reconfiguring the entire layout, along with adding a double-story extension. As well as the view and location, what we loved most about the cottage were the period features, so we were thrilled when we discovered some beautiful original stone walls after we had stripped it all back. We sandblasted and repointed them and now they’re one of our favourite features of the house. We’re still ticking off our renovation to-do list and we have lots of plans, including a porch/boot room and a second extension for another living room.” Dominique

Dominique’s favourite room – the living room

It was Dominique’s mission to open up the downstairs space to create a large, light and inviting living area. She knocked three rooms into one large area and used the two stone fireplaces at each end of the space to create different zones in the open space. We love the beautiful rustic coffee table that is the perfect centerpiece for the room and complements the original large inglenook stone fireplace. The large jute rug with a dark grey border that sits under the rustic wood coffee table brings an instant French farmhouse flair, whilst the sofa naturally separates the room. At the other end of the room, Dominique and Shaun created a cosy reading corner by building a bookcase under the stairs and adding a lovely upholstered armchair next to the wood burner in the smaller stone fireplace for a spot to sit and read next to the fire.

fabric chesterfield sofa next to open fireplace with wood burner

grey fabric sofa and rustic coffee table

“My partner Shaun is a carpenter so we were lucky that he managed to do all the work himself apart from electrics and plumbing. My department was the interiors so I had full creative control over that. I’ve always loved interiors – it’s definitely a passion of mine and I love country rustic styles and mixing old with new.” Dominique

black crittal internal doors next to grey fabric armchair

Colour scheme

When it comes to colour, Dominique has chosen a neutral scheme for the living room and kitchen/diner areas to allow the beauty of the grey stone walls to take centre stage. Pops of colour and contrasting black accents have been added using hardware, soft furnishings and accessories, but overall the look is muted and classic.

Upstairs, the master bedroom features a paneled wall painted in a rich royal blue that complements the fabric headboard and white bed side table, whilst in the guest bedroom, Dominique picked a pale green for the paneled wall behind the king size bed.

light green painted panelled wall with white bedroom side table


Images courtesy of Dominique @cottagerenovationcwmrhys

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What colours are used in modern farmhouse?

rustic console table with wicker log basket below and glass table lamp on table top

modern farmhouse kitchen with black hanging pendant lights and brown leather bar stools

When you hear the term farmhouse style, the first thing that it springs to mind is a homely, cluttered style with a large dining table and a kitchen dresser filled with plates and crockery in the kitchen and checked fabrics and busy textiles around the house. And whilst this traditional farmhouse style has enjoyed more than its fair share of popularity in the décor stakes, it’s time for a newer and altogether modern farmhouse style to take its place.

If you crave the charm that comes from the idea of a country-style home, but want something that is more modern, uncluttered and with clean lines and a sleek aesthetics, then the modern farmhouse style may well be for you.

How to create the look

The modern farmhouse style is one that adds clever touches with smooth lines. It uses a more neutral palette – it is the idea of a cosy interior that uses patterns, layers and colours to the best advantage, and rustic furniture to add warmth and texture. Where possible, exposed beams can add a great feature that works well with this style, but if this is not an option then timber panelling or shiplap cladding, when done properly, will add the right design touches.

The colour palette that is used for the aesthetic of the modern farmhouse style is fairly strict, and there shouldn’t be too much variation as this will make the look seem eclectic – the modern take on farmhouse is far more streamlined. The look is one that is carefully curated yet comfortable and the colour palette plays a large part in achieving this.

large wooden dining table with grey painted kitchen dresserCredit: Dulux Heritage

What colours are best?

Neutral colours like off-whites, grey, mushroom and the increasingly popular greige – a mix of grey and beige – work really well with the modern farmhouse look. Layering different neutral tones from the same colour family mean you can keep a sense of continuity with subtle variations. However, on their own, they may not be quite enough and risk leaving a space looking bland or even worse, stark. Small touches of colours, like deep greens, dark shades and even inky colours on doors or frames will add a touch of personality and depth. Spikes of colour like bright blues offer a graphic and modern take, whilst offering a nod to the outdoors.

In addition to using bold shades to add colour to the structure of the room, you could also consider using it as an accent shade for items like rugs, curtains and even decorative vases or plant pots on top of a rustic sideboard. When used carefully with a neutral background, the look is comfortable and clean with a hint of fun.

farmhouse table with wooden dining chair and stone vase with flowersCredit: Earthborn Paints

Can you use the colour black in modern farmhouse?

Absolutely! Black is a great accent colour to add to your modern farmhouse style. Far from darkening a space, it offers a stylish contrast to the sea of white and neutral hues. For example, an industrial dining table with black metal and reclaimed wood offers a clever design twist that when styled with raw linens and natural stoneware will blend beautifully into a farmhouse scheme. Just ensure to be subtle in its usage – less is more for a striking impact.

The joy of the modern farmhouse style is that you don’t need to stray far from the type of furniture that you might have envisioned in a more traditional farmhouse style. Reclaimed wood furniture works very well with both neutral shades and bolder colours. Therefore, a reclaimed wood dining table or a rustic coffee table with their more natural finish adds the farmhouse element that will give you the contrast to pull the look together. And remember, layering is key for the look so don’t be shy to mix textures as well as colours.

industrial dining table with black metal cross leg and matching wooden dining bench

Tell us…..

So, will you be trying to add some modern farmhouse style to your home? What changes have you made to get the look? Share you ideas and photos in the comments below or check out our Inspiration blogs for more interior decor ideas.

How to get the modern farmhouse style

Rustic wooden bench with checked cushions and white painted panelled wall

wooden bench with checked cushions and round rug

In recent years, the concept of modern farmhouse style has become a popular look, and the good news is that design experts believe it will be with us for some time to come. This is a contemporary style that is cosy but right on trend and has plenty of room for a person to add their own personality. Plus, it is calming and authentic without being too rural in its styling, offering clean lines with pops of subtle colour. The modern farmhouse style is also a real mixture of textures so if you have been looking for a style to complement rustic furniture, then this is the perfect choice for you and your home.

What is the difference between farmhouse and country styles?

The word farmhouse brings to mind an image of a slightly cluttered look. It includes wooden mismatched furniture, in particular, a scrubbed worn farmhouse table, flowery fabrics, a range-type stove and a look that is more practical and put together over time. Essentially it is lacking in any strong design cohesion – this is the country style. The addition of the word modern to the style changes this and offers a more updated look on the rustic country style. In a move away from the completely modern look of stainless steel and monochrome colour palettes, the modern farmhouse look is altogether softer and mixes warmer neutral and more texture.

For those people who dream of a more rustic style of home décor but still want a look that is “pulled-together,” well-thought out and offers all the design benefits of modern style, but with a softer look……then modern farmhouse is a great choice for this more organic flow.


wooden bench with white painted legs and checked cushions

The modern farmhouse look relies on textures as a key part of its aesthetic in order to achieve a softer look. Natural materials work well and can be mixed to great effect. A farmhouse dining table, for example, made of reclaimed wood will fit much better into the style than one with a more polished look. Consider pairing the look of this more organic choice of material with textiles like wool, tumbled linens and even soft velvet for a richer interest.


living room with large round wooden coffee table and black display cabinets

The colour palette for the modern farmhouse style is based on neutrals, greys, soft, gentle browns with names like mushroom and latte, and greige – a mix of grey and beige. It can also incorporate pops of bolder colours like inky blues, emerald or natural shades of green. Black, whilst not a bold colour, can be used to striking effect with this style. The key is to create a calm and neutral environment and then add carefully placed accents of your chosen colour through clever use of soft furnishings, accessories and discreet feature painting.


live edge dining table in oak with white linen runner

The furniture that is most suited to the modern farmhouse style offers a more natural, cosy look. In addition to seating with soft lines and neutral colours, rustic wood and reclaimed wood furniture is a popular choice. A rustic coffee table will work really well in a modern farmhouse-style lounge. The natural features of the wood set against a neutral wall with maybe a plant to help raise the natural element of the style will work a treat.

Overall, keep it casual. When it comes to a more modern farmhouse look think simple – no fussy detailing is needed here, just high quality timeless materials and beautiful wooden furniture.

For rustic furniture that will help shape a modern farmhouse style in your living, dining or bedroom, visit us at Modish Living. Or for more interior inspiration explore our blog ideas.

What are the differences between rustic and farmhouse?

Farringdon Reclaimed wood extendable trestle table

farmhouse dining table with grey fabric dining chairs

Are you confused at the difference between rustic and farmhouse interior styles? Rustic furniture and farmhouse furniture are the same, right? Well, not entirely. There are similarities between the two styles, both have a warm and welcoming feel to them, but there are distinct differences as well. We take a closer look to help you decide whether you’re wanting to create a farmhouse look or rustic style in your home.

The Rustic Style

rustic stool with wool blanket

Both the rustic and farmhouse styles were borne out of rural life, so it makes sense that both have strong natural influences. Wood was the material of choice many years ago and in plentiful supply, so it features heavily in both styles. However, if you want to achieve the rustic look, these are the key elements you need to incorporate into your design to differentiate it from farmhouse:

  • Rustic furniture tends to be ‘rougher’, retaining a more natural finish and letting the raw beauty of the wood shine through.
  • Both styles honour the grain of the wood, its pitting, splits and marks, but the rustic style makes a feature of these qualities and accentuates them further in its finish and design.

rustic sideboard with three cupboards and black metal handle

  • Key pieces of furniture such as a rustic dining table or rustic styled solid wood bed should be crafted from ‘knotty’ woods with curves, bends and irregularities that give it natural character.
  • Wood in a rustic style room or home is left very much in its original state, but can also be distressed further, ensuring that as a piece it continues to tell its story. As a result, you can expect to see a solid wood bed frame or a rustic sideboard made from reclaimed wood such as a reclaimed wood rustic dining table.

reclaimed wood dining table wooden dining bench

  • This brings us nicely onto reclaimed wood, which is a common feature in both styles, but especially rustic. The history, character and abundance of features visible in reclaimed wood furniture sits with the rustic style seamlessly.
  • Overall the wood used is thicker and chunkier, with solid wide cuts used to create bespoke rustic style furniture.
  • Finally, the joints in rustic styled pieces tend to be chunkier as well or made using natural materials, but always still finished to a high standard.

Colours for the rustic style

The colour within a rustic interior scheme tends to be a mixture of a neutral palette to allow the rustic furniture to stand out or strong and natural earthy tones – soft browns and rusty orange for example – that are grounding, organic and inherently warm.

Accessories reflect the simple yet elegant, natural yet comfortable rustic style too. Choose pieces created by local artisan crafters, with pottery and naturally woven textiles perfect for finishing the scheme.

The Farmhouse Style

white milk jug with pink roses with white rustic wood background

The farmhouse look is equally as appealing and has a comforting and unpretentious feel to it, but if there is one obvious difference, it is the subtle rounding and polishing of the finish that features in the farmhouse style and farmhouse furniture.

  • Farmhouse decor relies on natural materials and more specifically, wood, but rather than leaving the wood in its natural state, it takes a different approach by adding a more refined finish.
  • The cut of the wood is often machine cut and not rough-swan for a smoother finish.
  • The finish in farmhouse furniture, such as a farmhouse dining table, is often polished, stained or in many cases, painted. The natural grain of the wood is still visible, but it has been given a more elegant aesthetic.

white painted reclaimed wood dining table with matching wooden dining bench

reclaimed wood dining table with white painted trestle leg

  • Finally, the farmhouse style has a more rounded shape to its furniture, together with a great emphasis on the detailing. For example, a typical farmhouse table may feature trestle style legs or a thick-set monastery leg for a more imposing statement. A round kitchen table in a farmhouse style home would almost definitely feature a curved pedestal leg, perfect for family suppers.

Colours for the farmhouse style

For colours, choose light, pretty tones such as light blue. sage green and neutral beige, or opt for more flower-inspired shades reflective of a cottage garden – cherry reds or sunshine yellow will brighten-up a room beautifully.

Accessories are stylish and functional, taking the best of not only local artisans, but national crafts too. Adding a hint of French style and interior design works well with the farmhouse style and appeal; the details found in French furniture work well in any room in the home, but especially in a farmhouse styled dining room.

This is our take on the differences between Rustic and Farmhouse styles, we hope it’s helped you decide what style is best for you. What style would you choose? We would love to hear from you!

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Design inspiration: French farmhouse dining room

Design inspiration - French farmhouse dining room

white jug with lavender and silver picture frame for French farmhouse decor blog

Our love for the rustic French farmhouse look in our homes never seems to fade. Elegant, rustic, laid-back and romantic, it’s an oxymoron of styles all working in beautiful harmony.

Before we look at how to create the French farmhouse style in the dining room, first, let’s understand how this look evolved! This style is said to have been originated by Louis XIV as he lavishly renovated the palace of Versailles in the 1600s. Over the years it has been downscaled and adapted to suit chic Parisienne apartments as well as a more country style in quaint country homes in Provence. A mix of classic style and rustic furniture, chic French farmhouse interiors is now as popular here in the UK as it is with our Gaelic neighbours.

How to create a French country dining room

We all have that image of a large rustic dining table next to a French door opening onto a lavender-scented garden with sheer nets blowing in a gentle warm breeze and whilst that may be difficult to replicate in many urban homes, you can bring a touch of French farmhouse to your dining room no matter where you live.

reclaimed wood dining table with cream upholstered dining chairs

For fear of stating the obvious, the dining table is the most important item in the dining room. To get the French country style look you should match classic accents with homely rustic furniture. The Colette refectory reclaimed wood dining table is a perfect centerpiece for your room and brimming with French charm. The natural rough finish allows the knots, grains and splits of the reclaimed wood to shine through, which is just what your dining space requires. With a gorgeous rustic dining table in the room, next you need to complement it with some suitable dining chairs. For this, we think upholstered dining chairs covered in light linen, such as the Natural Sand Button Back dining chair, will sit prettily next to the rustic wood. The feature button back brings some classical style, whilst the modern shape keeps it on-trend.

rustic butchers block with two drawers

The Derby collection is just made for the French Country dining room. This reclaimed wood furniture collection is skillfully crafted using salved wood with many pieces featuring decorative finishes, it includes a wooden sideboard for dining room storage. Another great choice is the Worcester white farmhouse table. This statement farmhouse dining table with white painted monastery style legs has all the charm you need for this look.

reclaimed wood dining table with white painted monastery leg with fabric dining chairs

If you are seeking a more polished take on French farmhouse design, we suggest steering away from pale and rough wooden furniture and instead choose a farmhouse dining table with a soft smooth finish.

The Ringwood mango wood dining table with its rich homely colour is great for adding instant warmth in a dining space. Keep walls natural by using stone, bare brick or even smooth plaster and let the honeyed hue of the wood bring a glow to the room.

mango wood dining table with wooden dining chairs

When it comes to décor and the finishing touches there are many wonderful ways you can cement the look, including decorative chandeliers or wall lights to add a lovely contrast to the rustic wood. Keep colours mainly neutral, but you can consider a printed wallpaper on a feature wall to add some interest – a pale blue or green print is ideal for a French feel. Also on the walls add a wall mirror or gold decorative frames and, of course, make the most of any original features you have in the room whether it is wood panelling, a fireplace, skirting boards or cornicing.

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Tips to create a modern country home

Tips to create a modern country home blog

Years ago we considered traditional farmhouse decor to be a little bit dated and we felt quite restricted with what we could do with it to bring it up to date. This has all changed now – out goes dark wood panelling, doilies and farm animal prints and in come calming neutral colours and a beautiful blend of rustic and modern.

Colour scheme

The modern country home should be filled with light! So bring it in with your decor and furnishings – stick with pale and neutral colours for walls, floors and ceilings. You can, of course, dot some accent colour into your rooms to add depth and interest but the overall feel should be light and airy.

rustic living room with white fabric sofa and large open fireplace

Plenty of texture

A modern country home should have a good selection of different natural textures to give it a wholesome feel. Baskets of fire wood, wicker baskets, a jute rug, rattan pendant lights, exposed wood beams and brick walls will all work together to bring in a whole load of different textures.

Rustic furniture

Of course, you need to fill your home with gorgeous reclaimed wood furniture – statement, investment pieces that simply shout out country home. It’s a natural and earthy feel that you want to achieve. So a solid reclaimed wood bed, choose one from the handcrafted Dulwich range, for your country bedroom. A statement reclaimed wood dining table in the kitchen, with a practical dining bench so that diners can budge up to accommodate extra dinner guests. A rustic sideboard in the living room and a stylish Oswald 2 seater sofa pulled up to a large square coffee table crafted from full of character reclaimed wood.

Bring the outdoors in

We are all way more aware of how important the great outdoors is to our wellbeing now. So bring the outdoors in however you can, of course, the natural materials help, but position your furniture so you can see out to the garden or countryside wherever possible. Bring life into your home in the shape of houseplants and not just in the living room, you can add plants in every room of the house so you get the pleasure and benefit of seeing them wherever you are!

white wooden sideboard with beige dining chair

Make the kitchen the heart of the home

The kitchen should definitely be the heart of any country home – somewhere to sit around a rustic dining table in front of a range cooker with a cup of tea or coffee and a slab of home-baked cake. It’s the picture we all automatically conjure up when we think ‘country kitchen’. Make the kitchen homely and inviting in a modern way by using light neutral hues then bring in pops of accent colour.

farmhouse kitchen with wooden dining table and exposed brick wall


Everything you need to know about rustic style

rustic dining table with sunflowers

rustic living room with wooden panelled wall and rustic furniture

Rustic style is here to stay and is the type of interior scheme that evolves with time and will never go out of fashion. It incorporates casual, natural, rugged, rough and aged elements which can be influenced by styles originating anywhere from a Tuscan farmhouse or Gothic castle to a beach house on the English coast. The beauty of the rustic style is that nothing should be new and perfect looking! Rustic style suits farmhouses and country cottages but it can also work in the newer home by adding in character and rustic features. In this blog, we look at some key elements to embrace a rustic look in your home.


Wood is the main element when it comes to creating a rustic interior. Especially reclaimed wood – it tells a story, it gives texture to your room as well as history and individuality. If you have a wood floor you can sand and stain it, or look at installing a wooden floor – there are many different types and styles to suit your home. Whether you opt for antique furniture pieces, upcycled items or reclaimed furniture, the addition of wooden pieces will bring in bundles of rustic charm. A great example of this is the Chelwood Reclaimed Wood rustic coffee table and side table below – it’s the perfect addition to a living room bringing with it style as well as some handy living room storage.

rustic coffee table next to brown leather sofa wooden side table

Natural elements

Accentuate any natural features you have in your home, such as exposed beams, natural brick walls, stone floors or an open fireplace. You can also bring in other natural rustic elements in the form of houseplants in wicker baskets or old metal buckets. Something as simple as a dried flower display on a farmhouse table or kitchen sideboard will help give a warm rustic vibe to your dining space.

dried flower display in jar for everything you need to know about rustic style blog

Textured and organic textiles

You can bring in a variety of textiles when accessorising your room. Natural fabrics in neutral or muted colours work best. Mix textures, for example, a selection of scatter cushions and sofa throws in different fabrics on your sofa, a floor rug or curtains in natural cotton or linen for the windows. Leather chairs add another natural element to the space, tapestry is also a top choice when it comes to a rustic interior.


Shiny metal gives a room a touch of glamour and bling, so for a rustic look you want to be introducing burnished metals. Matt black hinges and door furniture and furniture with an industrial element add a whole bunch of rustic charm. The Standford reclaimed dining table makes the perfect centrepiece for your dining room – pair it with a wooden dining bench for a truly rustic look.

industrial dining table with rustic table top, black metal legs and cream fabric dining chairs

For the larger dining space, the Soho Dining Table will make a big and bold eye-catching statement pair this with sumptuous and luxurious velvet dining chairs to add contrast to your room.

Any size room can have a rustic influence, even small bedrooms. If you’re wondering How to Get a Small Rustic Bedroom Right take a look here.

Brighten a dining room with sunny yellow

yellow daffodils on a rustic dining table

Let’s face it, yellow can be a tricky colour when it comes to interior design, but we think it is a brilliant shade to work with and here we will look at some ways to bring summery yellow into the dining room whatever the season.

yellow wooden door with dining room sign

There are many hues of yellow you can choose, from barely a whisper of yellow to a much darker, bolder shade. Yellow works beautifully with reclaimed furniture, especially in the dining room. It might be considered a summery colour, but you can use yellow to brighten your dining space all year round. Use it as a base to bring in the oranges and reds of autumn, in the winter brighten the gloom and grey, and in the spring, it will quickly chase winter away!

Yellow and the farmhouse style

Yellow works with most interior styles you just have to vary the shade a little to get the look you are after. But when is comes to farmhouse style, yellow is definitely the go-to colour for many. You can choose a gentle buttery yellow for the walls and brighten it up with other bolder yellow pieces throughout the space. We are all familiar with the farmhouse dining table with a yellow checked cloth on it with a striking vase of fresh-cut flowers – it gives off feel-good vibes and adds a happy brightness to the entire room.

white jug with yellow flowers in front of rustic wooden shutters

Be bold with yellow

To bring in a subtle hue of yellow then opt for a soft coloured yellow wall, a colour reminiscent of old fashioned vanilla ice cream – if it really isn’t your thing you can easily paint over a pale colour! However, if you are leaning more towards a vibrant statement yellow then go for it! You can bring in this colour by using a few key pieces in your room.

A rug – a rug in the dining room anchors the dining table – choose yellow!

An armchair – we love to use accent chairs in any room and the same goes with dining room furniture – choose a bold statement-making yellow armchair – set this in the corner of your room to really bring in a dash of sunshine.

Dining chairs – yes, why not show off your style by opting for yellow dining chairs. We love how modern accent items work absolutely beautifully when styled with a reclaimed wood dining table

Accessorise in yellow

If you want to bring in a small ray of sunshine then opt for yellow accessories on a rustic dining table such as ornaments, vases, plant pots and dining chair cushions. Fresh cut flowers is another way to bring in just a little yellow and will lift the room.

yellow flowers and napkin on white round dining table

Yellow for the body and soul

Research suggests that eating yellow food as well as orange and red is a way of getting some good sunshine into your body and if it is good for the inside it must be good on the outside too!.

Yellow is a colour associated with communication, self-esteem, and power – making it a positive colour to use in your home. It conjures up feelings of happiness, summer, positivity and optimism – so it sounds like we should all be using it a whole load more in our homes!!