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How to get a small rustic bedroom layout right

How to get a small rustic bedroom layout right

A small bedroom need not be a home decor nightmare - it can give the opportunity to create a cosy and welcoming tranquil haven - with a little bit of forward planning. Here are a few top tips to work out how to get the most out of your space.

First, you need to measure the room accurately - take note of where doors, radiators, power sockets and any other non-moveable features are. If space is really tight then it's best to measure the size of the room between the skirting boards rather than wall to wall. Think about all the functions the room needs to accommodate are - do you need a double or single bed, seating, storage for children's toys, a bookshelf or a desk? Understand the flow of the room as well as the scale of the furniture you need in relation to the space you have available.

small single bed with grey fabric headboard in children's bedroom

You should keep furniture in proportion with the room - don't opt for a super king bed frame if there is no space to walk around it. If you love the look of a big solid wood bed, you can choose a bed with a reclaimed wooden headboard and no footboard, which could break the flow of the room. For a child's room with a single bed you can push the bed up to the wall to save a little space but this is not always practical with a bed for two.

white painted reclaimed wood bed with matching wooden blanket box

Set your colour scheme - a neutral theme is great for the smaller bedroom - especially if you are opting for natural, solid wood rustic bedroom furniture. But don't be scared to use bold colours if that's more your style, used wisely and sparingly they will add depth and a cosy ambience to the room. You can also consider pale wood or white painted bedroom furniture this will make the room appear lighter and more airy, perfect in a guest room for instance. You can of course add some elements with bold patterning but make sure it's not too much, which will leave the space feeling too busy.

rustic wooden bed with grey covers

If this small room is an occasional use guest room then all you really need in it is a solid wood bed and a rustic chest of drawers that can be positioned next to the bed to double as a nightstand. For hanging space you can add hooks to the back of the bedroom door. A second option would be to pair a white painted wardrobe with a drawer and a rustic bedside table.

double bed with fabric headboard and rustic bedside table

As with any small space, good storage and organisation is paramount to ensure there is space for everything. Before settling on furniture for a frequently used room think about all the things that will need to be stored in it as well as how accessible they need to be. Try to use furniture items that can double as something else, a wooden storage chest can provide a lot of hidden storage and the top of it can be used to put books on, trays of drinks etc. A writing desk can double as a dressing table or a night stand, a small chest of drawers can also double as a nightstand.



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