Freshen up your home this year with a burst of colour!

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The New Year is a time for making changes – that’s why most of us make a New Year’s resolution or two, right? If you are looking to make some changes in your home and bringing it to life in 2018, why not do it with a burst of colour?
Why colour is great
When it comes to colour in the home, most of us tend to shy away and tend to stick with those tried and tested hues that will never look outdated. But even the smallest of touches can make a huge difference to the look of your space.
Colour has a wonderful ability to bring character to your home, whether it is a new home, an old home or a rented space, allowing you to inject a bit of your personality. This makes it the perfect option for decorating kids and teens bedrooms – using white or grey as the base colour for brighter accents allows your kids to express their personality without doing permanent damage or forcing you to shell out a fortune on a style they may not love forever.
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A bold, bright colour is also fantastic for bringing together different design eras in an intentional clash of styles. The classic rustic dining table you’re not sure works with the industrial sideboard you fell in love with and bought on a whim – a touch of colour could be the answer!
And why not have some fun with your decor? We spend so much time at home, so make it a space which gives you the sunny energy you need to motivate you in your non-stop life.
Go bold
Don’t be afraid to pick a colour with your furniture, especially if your walls and floor are kept fairly plain. There is an argument to be made that you shouldn’t go for trends with large investment pieces like furniture, but if you love it, go for it!
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Mix and match colours for an eclectic look with plenty of personality. There aren’t really any rules when it comes to decorating so have fun with it. If you are looking to bring colour to your dining room, multicoloured chairs around the table look fantastic. If you have six seats around your table, a selection of three colours will create a fun space that you’ll be proud of hosting dinner parties in. Pair with mixed metals for a glam yet interesting aesthetic.
Colourful seating options are bound to make an impact, creating a space which feels energetic and luxurious. Decorate your sofa with colourful cushions or choose a bespoke sofa to make an impact. A green sofa looks truly luxurious but is a colour which has been seen in home decor for years so is unlikely to look dated too quickly. Bring the green to life with an abundance of green scatter cushions or some indoor plants – the perfect spring addition to your room.
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If you’re not sure about a sofa, a wingback armchair in a bold colour can look fantastic. Pair with a neutral sofa to add some unexpected colour or create a cosy reading nook in the corner of your living room, dining room or even kitchen.
Add colour over a large area, for example on a rug or on floor-length curtains to make the colour a prominent feature. The larger item creates a definite colour scheme in your room and will create an easy statement which requires little thought. Pepper the room with the same shade in smaller accessories to tie the scheme together.
Keep it subtle
If you’re not too sure about going for colour with your furniture, using it to accessorise is an easy way to try it out without the investment. Adding hints of colour through lighting and small accessories makes for a stylish, refined interior.
The great thing about adding subtle pops of colour is you can keep your decor seasonable without breaking the bank. For example, colour coding books will add a burst of colour to your living room or hallway that will look truly striking.
The subtle addition of colour also means you can play around with a wider selection of colours. You don’t have to stick with one colour – you could pick a colour theme. For example, go with warm, sunset shades for a comfortable, luxurious look that would work beautifully with rustic furniture styles. A mix of fuchsia, peach and cooper would look stunning against an otherwise neutral room if done well.
When it comes to the floors and walls, you really can do what you like. But if you are looking to create a subtle, classic vibe, a crisp white or soft grey wall with wooden floors is a great choice. Go for wooden furniture which can be accessorised with colour for a rustic, Scandi inspired look in your home.
Casey Leaner Floor Mirror
If you can, also try and create the illusion of more space. Bright lighting and using cleverly placed large mirrors will open up your space, reflecting light around the room. But if you are looking for a more permanent option, having diagonal wooden flooring can really widen the room.
Alternatively, dark colours like navy on the walls are great to make colours pop, especially if you are going to use jewel-coloured furniture. This will create a dramatic and sophisticated effect – almost as if you’ve walked into a stylish boutique hotel.
Tips for adding colour
Try and stick to three colours, especially if you are going for three entirely different colours. The idea is to bring the room to life with clever colour accents that you won’t fall out of love with immediately, but you do run that risk if you create a rainbow of colour. Adding more than three colours also makes it tricky to pepper the colour throughout the room, creating a room which lacks coordination.
Secondly, always think about the adjoining room. Try and pick out one of the colours in your room and add a touch of that colour in the next room to create uniformity when the door is open.
What do you think? Will you be injecting a bit of colour into your home this year?