Fun things to do with the kids over Easter

Happy Easter words on a rustic wood table with iced biscuits cut in shape of rabbits and baking utentils

Young boy at a table painting eggs for Easter

Easter is a time for new beginnings – spring is coming and life is starting to look a bit brighter after a long year. Although things are looking more promising we will still have some restrictions to abide by. With many attractions, cinemas etc. still closed, and a limit to the number of people we can see, we are looking at fun things you can do at home with the kids to keep you all occupied and happy over the Easter holidays.

Egg painting

This is fun for a whole range of ages. Get some dyes, transfers, stickers and stencils and really let the kids go to town. This is not the best activity to do around a rustic dining table as the dyes could stain the natural wood of the table; a work surface or kitchen island, covered in newspaper, is a much more sensible idea. Pull up the breakfast bar chairs for the kids and let their imaginations go wild. You can also get them to decorate their own baskets to display their creations in.

Paper daffodils in a white bunny rabbit vase

Paper flowers

Make some pretty paper spring flowers. These can be used to decorate Easter baskets, make a bouquet to stand in a vase on a reclaimed wood coffee table in the living room, or a cheery welcome on a small console table in the hallway. If you just want to add a little bit of spring to the hallway and keep the theme rustic to tie in with reclaimed wood furniture then some sprigs of spring blossom in a vase also look great!

Easter baking

Most kids love baking – we suggest some cupcakes with nests of mini chocolate eggs on top, easy to make and always look good on the Easter wood dining table! Another family favourite are plain biscuits that the kids can decorate however they choose – with hundreds and thousands, mini eggs decorative icing and so on. You can get egg shape cutters, bunny cutters, flowers and other spring theme cutters.

Rustic table with Easter bunny biscuits and baking accessories

Easter Bunny tracker

Yes, just as there is an online tracker for Santa, there is now one you can sign up to so the kids can keep track of where the Easter Bunny is on Saturday night! Gather on your large sofa and follow with an Easter movie, such as Hop!

Two children wearing bunny ears in a garden having an Easter Egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

This is classic Easter Sunday fun for the kids. This can work either in the house or if it is a nice day, in the garden. You can make up your own clues (there are plenty of ideas online) or buy a ready-to -go kit. If you are going to go it alone, get the kids crafting in the run-up to Easter and let them decorate their own collection baskets. To make the egg hunt for for all ages, get the children to find all the treats and then share out what they have found! For a healthier alternative, instead of chocolate eggs or sweets, hide small toys or gifts, such as yo-yo’s, colouring books or stickers.