How to style a chic Easter dining table

How to style a chic Easter dining table blog

Pink and blue Easter themed dining table

Are you hosting a casual spring lunch or a formal Sunday dinner this Easter? Styling your rustic dining table can sometimes leave you short of ideas when there are so many seasonal decor trends about. Whether you prefer a minimalist spread with subtle Easter accents or a solid wood dining table that’s full of character and colour, these styling tips will help you find your theme and impress your loved ones this bank holiday.

5 Chic ways to style your dining table this Easter

1. Pretty Pastels

pastel painted eggs and natural linen cloth on rustic dining table

To achieve a fresh and joyful spread, pastels are your go-to this Easter. Think soft-hued pinks, purples, greens and yellows when styling your reclaimed wood dining table. To create the foundation, consider a light grey fabric cloth to draw attention to the pretty pastels and add a contemporary edge to the spread. Alternatively, if you have whitewash rustic furniture, white will also effortlessly complement the decor. For your centrepiece, choose dainty spring flowers such as pink and white tulip arrangements to make beautiful focal points of your spread whilst harmonising with the rest of the table. If you want to keep it minimalist, you can create a monochromatic style table using one or two pastels and by layering your plates to mix and match the different hues. For an ‘egg-citing’ touch, finish your table using pastel egg cups as candle holders or trail a pastel egg garland winding through the centre of your tabletop.

blue dinner plates and Easter decorations on wooden dining table

2. Look to Nature

Not all Easter spreads have to be sweet and conventional, you can adopt a neutral colour palette and incorporate elements of the outdoors. For a subtle take on the trend, drape faux or authentic green vines along a white table cloth runner and arrange your favourite seasonal blooms within a clear vase as the centrepiece. The detailing in the vines and exposed stems will pair perfectly with the unique markings and character of a solid oak dining table. Mount your plates upon rattan placemats and your cutlery on rumpled linen napkins to maintain this natural and raw theme. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not create your own Kokedama with an Easter twist. To make this Japanese garden art, create your own moss covered decorations using small seasonal flowers and intertwine within the vines for an earthy and untamed look. Finish with some woodland decoration including birds nests and speckled eggs to give a rugged edge.

rustic dining table with white plate and Easter decorated tablemat

hanging decorative kokedama balls

3. Sunshine Yellow

Sunny yellow oozes Spring, so why not celebrate this cheerful Easter hue when styling your Easter spread this year? For a cooler feel, consider mixing yellow with aqua blue tumblers for a coastal-style look to your table or duck egg blue embroidered napkins for more of a farmhouse feel. Fresh daffodils in blue mason jars or rustic blue watering jugs make the most beautiful centrepieces to tie this all together. You can also mix yellow with rusty or bright and bold oranges to achieve a warmer feel. Zesty Easter cakes make mouthwatering features, place on orange tiered cake stands for a centrepiece which looks as good as it tastes. To go all-out yellow this spring, our Clara dining chairs in sunset yellow with warm orange piping make the perfect fabric dining chair to elevate your table with festivity to the fullest.

daffodils and nest of painted eggs on rustic dining table

4. Vintage Charm

Vintage touches can give a magical and whimsical feel to your rustic furniture. Hand-me-down china tea sets are kitch and timeless, pair with matching or mix-and-match cutlery to create a magical and enchanting look. Alternatively, a vintage drinks cooler to chill the beverage of your choice is also a charming option. When choosing your centrepiece, think outside the box. Vintage bird cages, or old-fashioned scales topped with floral painted eggs will create a captivating Alice in Wonderland feel to your reclaimed wood dining table which is bound to spark a conversation. For the maximalists amongst you, finish the scheme with antique trinkets such as pre-loved salt and pepper shakers or grandmas condiment jars.

vintage bird cage filled with pained eggs on rustic dining table

5. Glorious Gold

If you prefer to steer away from bold and bright colours of spring, but want something sparkling, gold will add a layer of luxury to your table whilst maintaining a celebratory feel. Bring in subtle gold accents, such as details on neutral plates, napkins and placemats to evoke glamour and opulence without appearing gaudy. Glorious gold accents can also elevate your seating with goldembellished cushions or throws adding a sophisticated touch together with an element of comfort to a wooden dining bench. For your table centrepiece, opt for something a little unconventional and chic, such as multi tea light holders or for a more traditional touch, opt for serene white lilies styled in a slim and elegant gold vase.

reclaimed wood dining table with gold bunny rabbit ornament

Get more Easter inspiration for your home…

Ideas to decorate your home for Easter

Thin twigs from a tree with yellow flowers

Decorating the home for Easter is certainly gaining in popularity with more and more people buying an Easter wreath, decorating an Easter tree or adding an Easter themed table decoration. Here are a few ideas you might want to try out yourself this year!

Wooden trestle dining table with golden rabbit statue, green eucalyptus display and and Easter decorations on table

Dining table decorations

A reclaimed wood dining table is a very versatile piece of dining room furniture and can be decorated in many ways from fun and colourful Easter baskets filled with fake grass and chocolate or painted eggs to an exquisite Easter bouquet – which will really bring the outside in. We think a mix of both works best, a basket of painted eggs as well as simple fresh cut flowers like daffodils or tulips. For something really rustic, natural and simple to stand on a wood dining table, you can arrange some spring twigs in a vase.

Close up of a collection white Easter eggs in gold framed geometric ornament as a table decoration

Living room decorations

To bring some spring cheer into your home why not decorate your living room? Hang a spring and Easter themed garland around the fireplace or add some fairy lights and a simple but striking decoration to the mantlepiece. Dedicate a shelf of your wood bookcase to Easter decorations, use little pots of spring flowers and twigs, decorative egg and rabbit ornaments to create a small Easter display – you can also add any Easter cards you receive to complete the display.

Blue wooden front door with Easter wreath featuring pink and blue painted eggs

Easter wreath

This is a really popular choice for an Easter decoration now. You can hang one on your front door to welcome your own family or anyone else who comes to your door. A rustic wreath looks stunning placed on a farmhouse table or on a kitchen sideboard. You can really go to town and theme the whole kitchen by adding ribbons on the back of the kitchen chairs – something bright and cheery like yellow or green.

Easter wreath made of wooden twigs and speckled eggs with spring flowers of rustic wooden planks

You can buy wreaths ready-made or you can opt to create your own, we love this rustic spring and Easter themed one above.

Easter tree

You can create an Easter tree for indoors or one for in the garden…. if you plan to do some outside entertaining. All you need are some bare twigs, which you can arrange in a vase using decorative stones to keep the twigs in place and some Easter decorations to hang on this – paper spring flowers, egg decorations, rabbits and chicks are perfect for the job.

Twigs with yellow flowers and painted eggs hanging off branches

Fun things to do with the kids over Easter

Happy Easter words on a rustic wood table with iced biscuits cut in shape of rabbits and baking utentils

Young boy at a table painting eggs for Easter

Easter is a time for new beginnings – spring is coming and life is starting to look a bit brighter after a long year. Although things are looking more promising we will still have some restrictions to abide by. With many attractions, cinemas etc. still closed, and a limit to the number of people we can see, we are looking at fun things you can do at home with the kids to keep you all occupied and happy over the Easter holidays.

Egg painting

This is fun for a whole range of ages. Get some dyes, transfers, stickers and stencils and really let the kids go to town. This is not the best activity to do around a rustic dining table as the dyes could stain the natural wood of the table; a work surface or kitchen island, covered in newspaper, is a much more sensible idea. Pull up the breakfast bar chairs for the kids and let their imaginations go wild. You can also get them to decorate their own baskets to display their creations in.

Paper daffodils in a white bunny rabbit vase

Paper flowers

Make some pretty paper spring flowers. These can be used to decorate Easter baskets, make a bouquet to stand in a vase on a reclaimed wood coffee table in the living room, or a cheery welcome on a small console table in the hallway. If you just want to add a little bit of spring to the hallway and keep the theme rustic to tie in with reclaimed wood furniture then some sprigs of spring blossom in a vase also look great!

Easter baking

Most kids love baking – we suggest some cupcakes with nests of mini chocolate eggs on top, easy to make and always look good on the Easter wood dining table! Another family favourite are plain biscuits that the kids can decorate however they choose – with hundreds and thousands, mini eggs decorative icing and so on. You can get egg shape cutters, bunny cutters, flowers and other spring theme cutters.

Rustic table with Easter bunny biscuits and baking accessories

Easter Bunny tracker

Yes, just as there is an online tracker for Santa, there is now one you can sign up to so the kids can keep track of where the Easter Bunny is on Saturday night! Gather on your large sofa and follow with an Easter movie, such as Hop!

Two children wearing bunny ears in a garden having an Easter Egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

This is classic Easter Sunday fun for the kids. This can work either in the house or if it is a nice day, in the garden. You can make up your own clues (there are plenty of ideas online) or buy a ready-to -go kit. If you are going to go it alone, get the kids crafting in the run-up to Easter and let them decorate their own collection baskets. To make the egg hunt for for all ages, get the children to find all the treats and then share out what they have found! For a healthier alternative, instead of chocolate eggs or sweets, hide small toys or gifts, such as yo-yo’s, colouring books or stickers.

A Modern Easter Dining Table

White hyacinth and card with handwritten Happy Easter

White dinner plate on wooden table with happy easter egg

Christmas is a distant memory, but for many of us, it will have been the last time we had a proper celebration. Rectify this by planning an Easter feast and other delights over the long weekend! But this means you’ll need to create a stunning centrepiece – and menu! – to serve around your rustic dining table. We’ve got some great ideas!

1 Embrace the rustic woodland look

Nature so often has the answers and this is true any time of the year, but certainly at Easter. Spring is the season where everything comes back to life after winter and so use this as part of your Easter dining table decoration.

Collect the fallen twigs and when you lightly prune the branches of your trees and shrubs, keep some of them to make a beautiful and rustic display for your rustic dining table. Add small egg-shaped Easter decorations along with synthetic moss to give it an extra colour and texture.

Coloured eggs with feathers in a bird's nest on a table

2 Add white accents

We are used to Easter being about pastel shades as well as brighter hues, but if you feel you want a more neutral and minimal style to the table, using white accents will do just that.

From white serving wear to white accessories, such as a white tablecloth, you really can create a truly simplistic and classy looking dining table.

Grey napkin decorated with small white eggs

3 Invest in an extendable dining table

Family gatherings are fantastic, but not if someone is perched at the dining table on a wonky stool or your guests don’t have elbow room to enjoy the delicious meal you are serving.

So why let this carry on? Invest in a new table, adding your own Easter touches before your guests arrive. Extendable tables work well in any home – you’ll have the smaller size table for everyday, but extra space for occasions such as an Easter feast – as do round dining tables for being inclusive when you have a larger party to entertain.

Round extendable table and industrial table with extendable leaf

As for seating, the best and most versatile dining seating must surely be the dining bench. Opt for a simple wooden dining bench that can double as a handy seat in the hallway or a plush upholstered dining bench, perfect for the industrial dining table.

If the dining bench isn’t doing it for you, then there is no denying just how comfortable fabric dining chairs are. Your guests will linger for hours… exactly what you want!

4 Use spring flowers

Spring is the time that the garden comes alive, but even if yours doesn’t have an abundance of flowers yet, you’ll find a larger selection of blooms at your local florist.

And there is nothing more welcoming to the eye, especially at Easter, than beautiful flowers as a centrepiece for the dining table. Or if you want to be bang on trend, create a display using dried flower options. Dried grasses and wild flowers have made a comeback with interior trendsetters swapping fresh bunches for dried bouquets.

But don’t just limit them to the dining room. Cluster flowers in vases on side tables next to your armchairs or sofa. They also make a wonderful addition to the console table in the hallway too.

Bunch of pink and purple fresh and dried flowers

Stylish Ways to Decorate your Home for Easter

Coloured mini eggs in white pot on reclaimed wood table

Painted eggs on reclaimed wood table

We decorate our homes for Halloween and Christmas, so why not Easter? With the coming of spring, we welcome colour and life back into our lives, so why not celebrate? Here are some tasteful decorating ideas to bring a touch of Easter joy into the home….

Easter tree

Winter brings some wild and windy weather, which means lying in the garden is sure to be a broken branch or two. Before you shred them into your garden waste, collect and trim them to arrange in a large, heavy-duty vase ready to decorate your hallway storage unit or reclaimed wood dining table.

There are many different ways you can decorate your Easter tree. You can buy shaped ornaments for the tree and you can make your own too. Wash the inside of broken eggshells and when dry, paint the outside using specialist craft paints.

Painted eggs hanging from twigs

Choose pastel colours including a cheerful sunshine yellow. When dry, arrange artistically on your tree.

By creating and decorating your own tree, you can choose the colours that best suit your interior décor and reclaimed wood furniture. But there is no denying that by adding pretty ribbon bows and colourful decorations, the Easter tree will make a fitting addition to any room.

Extend a welcome with an Easter wreath

The hallway is a space that sets the tone for the rest of your home and so an Easter wreath on the front door is a great way to welcome friends and family in. These are available in the shop, but for a more personal touch, you can make your own Easter wreath too.

White paper, eggs and green leaves to make a wreath

Easter in a teacup

Using synthetic moss and some well-chosen decorated Easter ‘eggs’ or even mini chocolate eggs, create a simple and pretty botanical themed scene using teacups as the ‘planters’. Think about where you’ll display your crafts before you start. But this lush green display would look great on the living room sideboard, nestled next to your beautiful leather chairs or on a small console table in the hallway – you can then pinch a mini chocolate egg on your way out!

Eggs in a cup with straw and ceramic rabbits

Make a spring statement

If you are unsure about introducing Easter colours into your home, then making a statement that spring has arrived is a great alternative. If your purple lavender isn’t in full bloom, you’ll find the artificial variety a fantastic alternative. As well as creating striking arrangements in vases for your storage shelves, they make a real impact on your reclaimed wood dining table. They’ll also bring a welcome softness to industrial furniture too.

Bunch of lavender tied with string

Make paper blooms

You can be as artistic as you like when you make your own paper blooms, and as a family project, they are a great activity to do altogether.

Opt for subtle colours that complement your industrial furniture in the living room or dining room and for the farmhouse styled home, opt for nature’s colours such as pastel greens and yellow. If flowers are a little obvious, make paper birds and hang them from the ceiling for a contemporary spring decoration.

Paper birds hanging from ceiling and close up of eggs with daffodils

Use a cake stand for an Easter table centrepiece

Again, using a mix of bought items as well as those you can make yourself, using a vintage cake stand as part of your Easter setting on your reclaimed wood dining room is a great idea. Simple ideas are sometimes the best – wrap small boxes finished with ribbon and add painted eggs clustered around the edge. Finish with some gorgeous bright fresh flowers and you have everything you need to make a simple but joyful centrepiece.

Multicoloured painted eggs on cake stand


Nothing says a celebration more than bunting! Use pretty and bright hues to add some colour or if you prefer a more understated style, a pale yellow or white will still add a celebratory ambience to a space.