Ideas to decorate your home for Easter

Thin twigs from a tree with yellow flowers

Decorating the home for Easter is certainly gaining in popularity with more and more people buying an Easter wreath, decorating an Easter tree or adding an Easter themed table decoration. Here are a few ideas you might want to try out yourself this year!

Wooden trestle dining table with golden rabbit statue, green eucalyptus display and and Easter decorations on table

Dining table decorations

A reclaimed wood dining table is a very versatile piece of dining room furniture and can be decorated in many ways from fun and colourful Easter baskets filled with fake grass and chocolate or painted eggs to an exquisite Easter bouquet – which will really bring the outside in. We think a mix of both works best, a basket of painted eggs as well as simple fresh cut flowers like daffodils or tulips. For something really rustic, natural and simple to stand on a wood dining table, you can arrange some spring twigs in a vase.

Close up of a collection white Easter eggs in gold framed geometric ornament as a table decoration

Living room decorations

To bring some spring cheer into your home why not decorate your living room? Hang a spring and Easter themed garland around the fireplace or add some fairy lights and a simple but striking decoration to the mantlepiece. Dedicate a shelf of your wood bookcase to Easter decorations, use little pots of spring flowers and twigs, decorative egg and rabbit ornaments to create a small Easter display – you can also add any Easter cards you receive to complete the display.

Blue wooden front door with Easter wreath featuring pink and blue painted eggs

Easter wreath

This is a really popular choice for an Easter decoration now. You can hang one on your front door to welcome your own family or anyone else who comes to your door. A rustic wreath looks stunning placed on a farmhouse table or on a kitchen sideboard. You can really go to town and theme the whole kitchen by adding ribbons on the back of the kitchen chairs – something bright and cheery like yellow or green.

Easter wreath made of wooden twigs and speckled eggs with spring flowers of rustic wooden planks

You can buy wreaths ready-made or you can opt to create your own, we love this rustic spring and Easter themed one above.

Easter tree

You can create an Easter tree for indoors or one for in the garden…. if you plan to do some outside entertaining. All you need are some bare twigs, which you can arrange in a vase using decorative stones to keep the twigs in place and some Easter decorations to hang on this – paper spring flowers, egg decorations, rabbits and chicks are perfect for the job.

Twigs with yellow flowers and painted eggs hanging off branches