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Get Cocktail Ready to Welcome in the New Year

Get Cocktail Ready to Welcome in the New Year

The Christmas parties are over and with only a few days to recover, there is another celebration on the doorstep – New Year's Eve! Who can resist partying the night away with friends and family to welcome in a new year? No doubt drinks and cocktails will be on the party menu but is your drinks cabinet up to the challenge?

Two champagne flutes with gold confetti

The host with the most

Hosting a cocktail-themed party of New Year's Eve is a great way to bid farewell to one year and welcome in another. As well as your hosting skills being at the top of their game, you also need to be confident you have all the liqueurs, spirits, glasses and accoutrements your guests will need.

The trick of being the perfect host and cocktail drinks host is organisation. You need to be able to find the bottles quickly, your measuring cups and glasses in the blink of an eye… and that means you need an important piece of furniture: the drinks cabinet.

But is your drinks cabinet the epitome of glamour? Does it shout look at me or is it best to avert your gaze?

Here are five cocktail cabinet options picked by our editor…

The Blackbone drinks cabinet

A large oak drinks cabinet with gold details

Dark furniture oozes drama, opulence and elegance but black furniture turns it up a notch. Paired with brass effect legs or chrome, both choices present your cocktail New Year’s Eve party with the glamour it deserves.

Never fail to find glasses, drinks and sliced lemons in the towering grandeur of the Blackbone cocktail cabinet.

The Wardour rustic elm cabinet

A rustic elm cabinet with an intricate pattern

A seismic shift in style it may be from the Blackbone drinks cabinet, but the Wardour elm cabinet punches just as much weight when it comes to stylish impact. The raised detailing of the door makes it a stand out piece, as too does the generous shelving space for all cocktail making paraphernalia.

The Livia oak drinks cabinet

An oak drinks cabinet with a golden handle

There is an understated 1920s and art deco touch to this piece. Just because something is understated, it doesn’t mean it isn’t noticeable. When it comes to the Livia oak drinks cabinet, it is this subtle detailing that makes it a beautiful piece for the dining room, the living room or even the hallway. Match it with a tall sideboard cabinet for symmetry to the space.

The velvet bar

A turquoise velvet drinks bar with a matching stool

If there is one material that shrieks glamour it is the plush, short pile of velvet. Marry that with a beautiful gold finish and you have a piece that your guests will naturally flock too. There will be no shortages of wows when your guests see the velvet bar and stools at your New Year's Eve cocktail party.

Portobello oak drinks cabinet

A Scandi style drinks cabinet made of oak

Last but not least is the Portobello oak drinks cabinet, the epitome of modern living room furniture. Present without being imposing, the Portobello oak drink cabinet has a beautiful elegance all of its own. Heavily influenced by the Scandinavian style it adds a hint of luxury without being garish.

These are just five ideas. Why not take a look at our complete range of drinks cabinets?

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