Get creative with your side table

hudson living nest of side tables with white top

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Nest of Tables

A side table is an underutilised piece of furniture in the modern home. If you are contemplating adding one to your rustic styled living room or Scandinavian furniture to your living room, you have a number of options from which to choose.

When choosing a side table, you need to decide whether you are adding it to show off the interior design scheme or whether you are adding it to maximise the space available.

You may be thinking that it will add a touch of interest or that you are in need of extra surface space.

If this is the case, consider the material carefully. A modern living room would enjoy the addition of a Perspex side table but for either the rustic or Scandinavian inspired living room, there is no doubt that a wooden side table or two would be the ideal choice.

So, what are the options?

Cubed Side Tables

Pleasing in both a rustic and Scandinavian interior design scheme, the cube side table is a practical and stylish addition. Rustic furniture works so well in many homes and rustic design isn’t just for larger items of furniture.

In addition, our oak nest of tables offers two options – either nestle the tables in one or when you need an extra surface, simply pull out the smaller cube.

Split the coffee table

A coffee table is an essential platform in any living room. But as one solid piece, its versatility can be limited. Rather than investing in a coffee table and side table, why not spilt the coffee table?

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Nest of Tables

When you need one larger surface, simply push the two pieces together. When you need a smaller table, simply pull the sections apart.

Trolley or Table?

You may think that the tea trolley is a relic of an age gone by but we love the idea of a delicate tea trolley, complete with wheel.

For a rustic or Scandinavian look, opt for a wooden tea trolley, complete with wheels for ease of use.

Consider a nest of tables

Again, a nest of tables could be a sign of an era long gone but actually, in the modern age – and certainly in the rustic or Scandinavian designed living room – the nest of tables is ideal as a side table.

Hudson Living Bergen Nest of Tables White

We have two great solutions:

  1. The white-topped Bergen nest of tables is ideal for the Scandinavian design. Combining light wood with the white top means this Scandinavian side table fits effortlessly into your living room.
  2. For a rustic appeal, our Hudson oak nest of tables are two, triangular shaped tables that have a delightful appeal in any living room.

Consider the Appeal of Reclaimed Wood

A reclaimed wood side table is the ideal addition to a rustic living and makes the perfect platform for a table top lamp. The chunkiness of its finish is particularly appealing. Available as part of the Farringdon range too.

Saltash Reclaimed Wood Lamp Table

A rustic wood side table makes for a great additional surface to a living room but sometimes, the chunkiness is not what the scheme needs. When floor space is lacking, consider a narrow side table that will easily fit the space but still give you useable surface.

This cube side table, for example, could be used lengthways to frame your sofa or armchair.

How will you use side tables in your living space?