5 of the best dining benches for your urban modern dining

soho fabric dining bench

In any functional contemporary home, it is all about striking the right balance between style and practicality. Now with shrinking room sizes, in a room like the dining room, where a lot of us want to fit as many people around the table as possible, it is about finding nifty ways to do this.

The benefits of having a dining table with bench really does come down to the amount of people you can fit around the table. It is easier to squeeze an extra person around the table if you don’t need to contend with so many legs. Also, if you have lots of smaller children in your family, at times like Christmas, a dining bench is great as you may even be able to fit them all on one bench.

But not only are they practical, but a dining bench also looks really luxurious. If you choose a dining bench with a back, it is almost as if you have a sofa in your dining room and will certainly bring some comfort to dinner parties. Alternatively, if you go for simple wooden designs, they will tuck into your table and will create a sleek finish in your space.

If you love modern furniture, the understated style of the Cleo Grey Leather Dining Bench makes it the perfect addition to your home. The bench is designed to accommodate three people with ease and is finished with elegant wooden legs that would pair beautifully with a simple oak dining table. The best thing about this dining bench is that the mix of leather and wood means you can easily blend it with this classic dining chair style for the best of both worlds. The leather dining bench can also be ordered in other leather-like brown to really match your decor scheme.

Leather furniture looks great in any room for a more classic look. The Cleo Grey Faux Leather Corner Dining Table Bench would work to bring a little vintage glamour into an otherwise contemporary room and will bring comfort to the dining table too so you dinner parties can go on for hours.

The simply stunning Cleo Grey Faux Leather Corner Dining Bench offers luxurious dining room seating for midweek meals but is bound to be the centre of attention at any family gathering. The style of the dining bench would look great paired with any modern dining room furniture, with the understated style of curved edges as opposed to arms offering a neater finish. 

The Newton Dining Bench is a perfect option for any contemporary home. The shape of the chair is ultra modern, contemporary style and bring a little more personality. The bench would look great with any reclaimed wooden dining table, especially with one with a unique or vintage inspired table leg. Because the bench will span across the entire length of most tables, a trestle style table with just the legs in the middle will work well. 

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