Get the cosiest farmhouse look in a small kitchen

Hoxton Oak Dining Table and Upholstered Dining Chairs

Hoxton Oak White Farmhouse Dining Table

The farmhouse look is practical, with more than a hint of comfort. The original styling by farming families years ago would have been created from materials to hand thus wood features heavily in this interior design style.

Possibly because the wood was of different types, shades and quality, wooden furniture was often painted.

And colour was introduced in other ways too – from varnishing to painting walls, to curtains and other soft furnishings.

Golden yellows and pretty greens would probably have been the colours or choice, with bright white playing a prominent part, especially in the kitchen.

If you are looking to create the farmhouse style in your home, it is a style that works well in the small kitchen.

The heart of the home

The farmhouse kitchen table was – and still is – the heart of the home, with the process of eating together the main event of the day.

Mimic this in your home with a dining area or table that draws people to it. The oak dining table with its statement legwork grabs attention if you have the space. Whilst we tend to think of the traditional farmhouse table being rectangle, as in this case, with the head of the household sat at the head, this shape may not be the most versatile in the smaller kitchen.

Hoxton Oak White Round Extending Dining Table

Versatility is gained from extending dining tables, perfect for unfolding and putting away when no longer in use. The central pedestal leg is this round extendable dining table is again a feature because there is nothing in the farmhouse design rulebook that says there cannot be a detail that covets attention.

Cotswold Reclaimed Wood Dining Bench

The seating is important. When space is limited, there is no denying the versatility of a dining bench. Plus, with a rectangular dining table, it fits neatly underneath, affording you valuable extra space when the dining table is not in use.

Handy hint – the dining bench looks fabulous in the hallway too.

The farmhouse dresser

It was – and still is – the stale of the farmhouse style. It is grand and imposing – it is meant to be this – it makes a statement and yet, oozes practicality from every knot in the wood, every curve and hinge: the farmhouse dresser.

But don’t cramp your small kitchen with a size of dresser that you don’t need. A small display cabinet works just as well to show off your finest chine (a charity shop will do!) and keep your practical, everyday plates and bowls in the cupboard beneath.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Large Kitchen Dresser

Of course, there is nothing to say that the farmhouse dresser in all its glory cannot be used in another room.

Copper and brass

The shiny stainless steel and aluminium or the painted side of pans and pots didn’t come about until modern times. Although they may complement your farmhouse kitchen, if you want authenticity, there is no substitute for brass or copper pans.

Admittedly more expensive than other pan sets, both of these metals age beautifully with wear and use. And they look great against the white painted furniture that is so common in the farmhouse kitchen too.

Have you been inspired to get the farmhouse kitchen look?