Get the look: Create a bright dining room with painted furniture

Get the look: Create a bright dining room with painted furniture - Modish Living

Abbey Oval Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The above dining room is simply delightful. Everything compliments and contrasts perfectly. There is an ambience to the room, created by the items within it and the colour palette used. It is palatial without being ostentatious. So how do you get the look?

The Dining Table

The Abbey oval dining table is the undisputed centrepiece of this dining room, helped by the single, bulbous pedestal leg. You would think it would swamp the piece, but it is the perfect balancing act. The eye is drawn to the white ball leg, contrasting perfectly with the wood table top. There is something mysterious about a reclaimed wood dining table: the stories it could tell, but chooses not to.

The Dining Chairs

Abbey Oval Reclaimed Wood Dining Table in KitchenTo supplement the beautiful table you need beautiful dining chairs and these Luxe upholstered grey dining chairs, seen here in the photograph in cream, do not disappoint. They have detail – the elegant stud work and the ‘door knocker’ handle on the back – and yet somehow, they are not fussy or swamping the space. The eye remains drawn to the stunning reclaimed wood table, with the detail on the dining chairs appreciated too.

The Sideboard

Windsor Large White Sideboard

The white painted sideboard to the rear of the dining table is a practical addition to the dining room, the ideal space for holding elegant crockery and utensils for the next dinner party. It also allows accessories to be shown off and there is no doubting the ambience created by the mesmerising flicker of candlelight. Again, the wood top and painted base give a pleasing, rustic feel to the room.

The Display Cabinet

Kingbridge Large Glass Display Cabinet

The Kingbridge large display glass cabinet also complements the space perfectly. Display cabinets can often look imposing and unwieldy and yet, in this space, it doesn’t. This is a question of balancing dimensions. In this case, the three main furniture items – the grand dining table, the stylish sideboard and the statuesque display cabinet – all pull together in perfect harmony.

The Artwork

Artwork should add detail and not detract from the rest of the room. Perfectly placed, it adds depth and texture too. Consider the subject carefully – what would appeal in a dining room styled along rustic lines? Nature at its quirky finest, we think.

Kitchen/Diner Perfection

Not every home is blessed with a separate dining room and if you are not, you can still get this great look. The furniture is not prissy or spindly, there is a satisfying robustness about it that makes it the perfect style for the kitchen/diner and everyday use.

Maybe you would prefer a change of dining chair, such as the lower backed Jacky fabric dining chairs? Or why not really push the boat out and create something unique, something that fits you and your style exactly? Customised dining chairs are not out of your price range, you know.

But what we think really works about this dining room is that it can be an everyday dining space but, with a dimming of the lights and a beautifully set table, it can be the perfect dinner party setting.