How to host a fun and warm Bonfire Night party

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It’s that time of year again when we bring family and friends together to enjoy Bonfire Night. From a small firework display to sparklers, to apple bobbing and great food, there usually isn’t much of an excuse needed to get people together. And we have some great ideas for a fun and warm Bonfire Night party.

Wrap Up Warm

Hopefully, it won’t be raining on Bonfire Night but even then, it is not enough to dampen the spirits. Even though it is November and the dark evenings are with us, there is no need to stay indoors.

You may have put your garden furniture in storage but bring it out for one final airing before its winter hiatus and get the gazebo out too. Enjoying the outside is easier when you are protected from the elements but there is no need to be cold.

Nordic Fisherman's Knit Cotton Throw

More and more of us are enjoying the winter garden more, wrapped in a super-warm throw. Opt for natural materials as far as your budget will allow as wool, for example, has superior thermal properties, perfect for snuggling on the garden lounger or sofa whilst you watch the flames flicker in the fire pit.

Tip Top – add plenty of solar lights to the garden to add extra visibility. Choose solar light posts for the borders as well as pretty, colourful outdoor string lights.

Come Inside

But when the chill really begins to bite, the party will need to come inside and again, your home needs to have plenty of seating options that entice people to stay just a little longer.

A real fire is perfect and if you have one, make sure the log holder is stacked to the brim so as the fire dies away, anyone can toss another log on the fire.

Rattan Log Baskets

Get your hosting sorted too;

  • Warming food – the best dishes are those that are cooked beforehand and the flavours allowed to develop and meld together. From cockle-warming chilli to baked spuds dripping in butter, there are all kinds of warming dishes you can make beforehand. Place them on the farmhouse kitchen table for guests to help themselves when they want.
  • Create a cosy centre – the modern sofa is ideal for get-togethers in so many ways, but adding extra cushions and soft, chunky knit throws give it extra appeal.
  • Protect your furniture – ring marks on your prized decorative ladder are not going to go down well the next morning, so make sure you protect your furniture with plenty of well-placed coasters – and make them obvious!
  • Make space for coats and boots – in winter, guests will arrive with coats, brollies, wellington boots etc. and when you come in from the garden, you don’t want mud all over the house. Create a corner where coats can be hung and muddy or wet shoes stored for an hour or two. Switch the underfloor heating up high or encourage guests to bring warm slipper or change of footwear.Classic Anthracite Lanterns

And finally, …

Be safe. If you are having a firework display, make sure you take all necessary precautions. And don’t forget, although candles are romantic, adding atmosphere to a room or outdoor space, they too pose a hazard so make sure they are in a lantern holder and placed on a firm surface.