Scandinavian design hallway in easy steps

Wycombe Oak Console Table

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Console Table for Scandinavian Hallway

If you like clean, simple lines, light muted colours with flecks of texture and depth, the Scandinavian design style for home interiors is the ideal interior design choice.

The hallway of any home needs to be uber-functional and practical. It is the place everyone passes through as they enter and leave your home, it is used for storage and it is the transient part of the home that conveys people from one room or one level to the next. It is like a huge interior traffic island!

This doesn’t mean that the weight of practicality must outbalance style and with the Scandinavian look, you will get the best of both worlds.

To get the low down on the basics of the Scandinavian design style and how to apply to your hallway, read on…

1 Hard flooring

The base layer of Scandinavian design. Forget wall-to-wall carpets and opt instead for hard flooring, preferably wood or as close to the natural wood product as you can.

2 Light, muted colours

Leave the colour charts next to the fizzy coloured paints and opt for white, very light creams and beige muted tones. If you must have colour, stick with barely-there grey and blues for the walls. Scandinavian design is all about setting a minimal backdrop to allow furnishings to deliver impact.

3 Wood

Natural materials are an important part of the Scandinavian design, with wood being the most important. Keep wood as much in its natural form as you can. Reclaimed wood and oak furniture work well as entryway furniture in a Scandinavian interior. This oak console table with single drawer, for example, looks perfect and is perfect for storing keys or mail.

4 Clean lines

Clean lines with minimal fuss are key to many Scandinavian design interiors and it is certainly true. Think of hallway furniture with clean lines but without harsh angles and corners. This simple, yet striking elegant console table would be the perfect choice for Scandinavian furniture.

5 Uncluttered spaces

This can be a tough ask of a hallway in a busy home but it can be done. It means choosing accessories that fit the space whilst providing a purpose. A chair in a hallway, for example, is the ideal addition. Somewhere to sit to pull on or take off your shoes, and a handy platform for dropping your bag on the way in. A pair of simply-styled Scandinavian chairs made from oak work great or for added texture, consider the contemporary jute seating pad of these elegant Scandinavian chairs.

6 Simple accents

Minimal fuss is the order of the day and so accessorising the space can be a tough call. With its raw finish, this wooden ladder accessory can be left as it is or you could paint it to add character. A great piece of furniture for the hallway, you can hang anything from dogs leads to pretty lights.

7 Maximise light

The Scandinavian design style makes the best use of light, important in a part of the world where darkness falls quickly and early in the day too, during the winter months. In the hallway, light can be in short supply – keep window treatments to a minimum and ambient light bright but not stark.

Mirrors are standard hallway furniture. Opt for a wall-hanging wood framed mirror or this floor-standing, leaning wood framed mirror for elegance and practicality too.

With fantastic pieces perfect for the hallway, which will you choose?