The myths and marvels of reclaimed wood

Luxe Kensington reclaimed wood dining table with glass
Luxe Kensington reclaimed wood dining table close up sleeper

Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Here at Modish Living we supply some truly exquisite examples; we feel privileged to be working with such an exceptional material and we’re always happy to discuss the merits of reclaimed furniture.

There are a few well-held myths about reclaimed wood, and we feel it’s important to refute many of them, but first it may be useful to clarify the meaning of reclaimed wood in the furniture industry. If you’re buying a reclaimed wood dining table, for example, you’re not buying an original dining table that has simply been restored. Instead, you’re purchasing a brand new piece that’s using reclaimed wood that has then been turned into your table.

Myth number one: Furniture using reclaimed wood is more expensive

This isn’t necessarily true at all, and in fact some pieces may be cheaper. Reclaimed wood contemporary furniture can take a great deal of work, because the wood has to be de-nailed, cleaned and specially treated, so it’s not an easy process. The overall cost of many items, such as a reclaimed wood desk, may be cheaper than you would think.

Myth number two: Reclaimed wood is dirty

All our reclaimed contemporary furniture pieces are thoroughly cleaned by our craftsmen using tried and trusted techniques, and only after they have been deemed suitable does the major work begin. Reclaimed wood is often taken from old houses, so the environment may not be clean, but once the wood has been treated it is more than usable.

Myth number three: Reclaimed wood is not pretty

One look through our website will convince anyone of the sheer beauty of our reclaimed wood items, including our superb choice of living room furniture pieces. The wood that’s been used has a story to tell, and each piece has its own unique character. It may not feature the clean lines and sterile feel of brand new wood, but of course it’s not supposed to. Reclaimed wood is, in our opinion, utterly beautiful.

Myth number four: Reclaimed wood doesn’t need maintenance

Clearly this isn’t true at all. Every item of wooden furniture, including brand new wooden pieces, needs to be maintained. Wood, by its very nature, is strong, robust and can last for a lifetime and beyond, but only if it’s well looked after. Our rustic furniture will always look impressive if it’s maintained properly. If you purchase an English beam table, for example, from Modish Living you will receive information about proper care for the wood.

Myth number five: Reclaimed wood is poor quality

Our craftsmen select only top quality wood before creating heavenly pieces of furniture. Reclaimed wood is more dense than new wood because it has been allowed to grow naturally, and of course using reclaimed wood is better for the environment. It’s solid, dependable and extremely attractive.

Myth number six: Reclaimed wood makes a room look old

Reclaimed wood can be used to create many different styles, so it depends on how it is used. We supply many examples of iconic industrial furniture, for example, which use reclaimed wood to showcase modern styling. Of course, other themes such as rustic and contemporary can be created using reclaimed wood, so it’s worth remembering that it can be used to make rooms look old or new.