Give your bedroom a sleep make-over (sleepover!)

Beam Marlow Reclaimed Wood Bed

Figures estimate that around a third of us will struggle with getting to and staying asleep. Occasional sleep troubles usually pass, but when sleep problems persist, it’s time to take a look at your bedtime routine as well as the bedroom environment itself.

Update your bedroom

The sleep environment is important. It needs to be calm and quiet and not just physically either, but in its décor too. And sometimes, making a complete change to the bedroom environment can be one way of improving the quality of your sleep.

  • Choose a style that you find calming, comfortable and warm

Our personal choices vary and so what one person finds calming, another may find stark. The rustic style is a fantastic choice for the bedroom. Reclaimed wood furniture oozes mystic, especially as it mingles with carefully chosen accessories.

  • Keep storage at the forefront of your mind

A common issue that people find clouds the bedroom space is clutter. It may be hidden but those piles of boxes under the bed or items stored on top of the wardrobe all contribute to a less than perfect bedroom. Consider a rustic large chest of drawers with a complementing wooden bedside table to keep your bedroom essentials close at hand, but out of sight.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Large Chest of Drawers

  • Pay close attention to the bed

A soft yet supportive mattress is key to waking refreshed and ready for the day ahead, but the bed frame also plays an important part. A reclaimed wood bed fits right into the rustic bedroom style, creating a warm and inviting space. You’ll find all the stylish piece you need in our ever-popular Beam Rustic Furniture Collection.

Beam Marlow Reclaimed Wood Bed

  • Paint the walls

Against a neutral backdrop, the pieces of from the Beam Collection will stand out beautifully. Neutral tones will also be the perfect choice for creating a warm and relaxing bedroom too. Opt for warm creams or even a pale pink or very light yellow for the rustic bedroom, staying away from colours that have cool undertones such as blue.

  • Keep textures calm too

We often assume that plenty of fluffy textures is the way forward to creating a cosy rustic bedroom, but you might find that ‘busy’ textures aren’t quite what you need. Smoother textures are ideal against reclaimed wood furniture in the bedroom, as too as ‘quieter’ patterns.

Settling the mind before sleep

With the bedroom updated to bring a calmness and serenity to it, you now need to add the touches that help to settle a racing mind at the end of the day. There are a few ways of doing this;

Rathbornes Cassis Leaves and Jasmine Diffuser

Calm the senses – SMELL – a pleasant, calming aroma in the bedroom can help to settle the mind before sleep. Gentle scent is top of the list and so look for diffusers that release their scent gently. The same is true of scented large candles too.

Calm the senses – VISION – ditch the electronics as the blue light stimulates the retina and that means the brain is reawakened at a time when you need it to calm.

Calm the senses – TOUCH – warmth is important but you don’t want to be too hot or cold in your bedroom. As well as setting the temperature in the room, opt for layers of throws on the bed which can you removed when needed