Always room for one more with our Amalfi Oak Tables

Amalfi White Oak Dining Table

If there is one common frustration with some dining tables it is the inevitable banging of legs against the table legs and the restriction of how many people you can fit around the table edge. But we two different types of dining table legs that could be a solution to this entertaining dilemma – the decadent spider leg acting as a central pedestal leg and the u-bar dining table.

The white spider leg dining table

Increasingly popular are our spider leg dining tables – and no wonder, as this luxury oak table doesn’t limit the number of people you can sit around the edge!

Everyone is welcome and there are few limitations when it comes to movement too. Styling the Amalfi white spider leg table is easy. It’s a simple matter of placing an accent on its two main features – the white spider legs and the beautiful grain of the oak tabletop.

Amalfi White Spider Leg Oak Dining Table

As well as leather dining chairs, our Colette reclaimed wood metal open display unit is the perfect supporting partner and ideal for mounting your accessories. A pendant light hanging above the dining table is very on-trend and bohemian or Ibiza villa style with a bamboo pendant light – take a look at the Sergia large pendant light, for example. When the time comes to dress the table, we think nothing says casual elegance more than chic white linen napkins.

The U bar dining table

Whilst the detailing of the spider legs helps the Amalfi table to stand out, it doesn’t mean that the u-bar version of the oak dining table is any less elegant or chic.

Amalfi U Bar Industrial Oak Dining Table

In fact, if you heavily favour the industrial style, then you may prefer the thicker set legs which sit at either end of the table. The positioning of the legs around this 6-seater dining table, mean you can use all sides of the table in comfort and with greater movement.

The Amalfi u-bar oak dining table is a beautiful piece of dining room furniture that works so well with many of our industrial-inspired pieces.

For example, when it comes to complementing pieces, we don’t think you can get much better than the Chelwood reclaimed wood bookcase. Light in tone and texture, it mirrors the darker tones of this industrial dining table perfectly.

How to style it best

Alongside some well-chosen accessories, upholstered dining chairs should invite diners to loiter a while. We’ve opted for the Luxe Daisy chairs in taupe velvet. Velvet dining chairs must surely be one of the most decadent of choices but one that doesn’t jar against the utilitarian approach of the industrial style. The luxurious velvet fabric in a light colour makes for the perfect partners around this table.

As with the spider leg dining table, we opted for a pendant light so that the grain of the oak tabletop is brought to life, a warming sight to see on any occasions. Harking back to the natural roots of this style, the large woodchip pendant light completes the scene.

And finally, to round off the look we opted for a Louis de Poortere rug in a sand colour, the perfect balance to the blackness of the U bar legs, but also ideal for pulling together with the taupe velvet dining chairs.

Both as inspiring as the next, it’s impossible to choose a favourite between these two stylish interiors.