Give your child’s room a quick summer makeover

children's bedroom with double wooden bed and wooden desk

With the school holidays here it is time to give the kid’s bedrooms a good clear out, refresh and reorganise. Now is a great time to get stuck in so you don’t disrupt term time routines.

Colourful children's clothes on hangers in a wardrobe

Declutter and donate

Have a clothes clear out! All those jumpers, jackets and coats in your wooden wardrobe that were getting a little bit tight by the end of the winter most likely won’t fit come autumn! Swimwear, T-shirts, and shorts held onto after last summer “just in case” can all go if they are too small. Chances are they still have lots of wear left in them so pass them on to a friend with younger children, donate to charity or take them to a clothes bank.

child at white wooden desk drawing and painting

Create a study nook

This might be particularly important if your child is moving up to secondary school, a suitable place to study, read and do homework. Some storage space within the nook, like a shelf, is also great for keeping books, pens etc. neat and tidy, together with a desk lamp. They will have no excuse not to immerse themselves fully into their school work! This area can be used for drawing and painting and doing other crafts that they enjoy, for younger kids.

children's bedroom with wooden desk and chair

Create a chill-out area

This is great for teens who have friends over a lot and like to hang out in their room. Kids love a bean bag and it is a versatile must-have in any kids bedroom! You can bring in a small table for drinks, snacks and books on.

child on bright yellow bean bag

Upgrade toy storage

Having a bedroom clear-out and refresh is the perfect time to clear out old toys and things they have grown out of or no longer want. Of course, you will want to keep some things for sentimental reasons and that is fine. You may need to invest in some more suitable storage options for toys, something like a wooden toy chest is perfect for a toddler’s room as they get older you can use it to store seasonal bedding and other bulky items.

Furniture upgrade

Maybe it’s time for a furniture upgrade to more “grown up” furniture in your child’s bedroom? If the room is small, consider a white wooden bed frame to keep it light and airy. Pair this with matching bedside tables and a solid wood chest of drawers and it will last for years. It will be timeless furniture that you will continue to love long after they leave home.

white wooden bedside table with pull out tray

Change the bedding and curtains

As your child grows their interests will obviously change. Use this to create a new theme for their bedroom decor, whether it is just a new bed set or a complete repaint and makeover in their latest favourite colour.