Step inside Maxine Brady’s insta-worthy home

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maxine brady sat on kitchen worktop

Ever wondered what an interior stylist’s home looks like? This month we catch up with stylist, Maxine Brady, and step inside her gorgeous peppermint Victorian terrace in Brighton. Maxine has been a tour de force in the interior world for 20 years and when she’s not working as an interior stylist for glossy magazines or on primetime TV shows (she even hosted her own show on Channel 5!), she’s capturing her own home renovation journey on her multi-award-winning lifestyle blog and to her 70k+ followers.

Discover Maxine’s renovation journey

living room with coral fabric sofa, silver pouffe and patterned floor rug

When did your home renovation journey start?

My home has been my own personal passion for the past five years. When I bought the house, it was a total wreck and needed a lot of work, but I only had a tiny budget. But I’ve worked on so many projects over the years, I knew I could make it look amazing without spending a fortune.

What work did you need to do?

The house had been empty for seven years, so you can imagine how much love and vision it needed. The bathroom was leaking into the kitchen and the kitchen was so damp snails would appear on the floor in the mornings! Every room in the house was a wreck, from the windows and doors to the carpets and even the roof. I also had to reconfigure the layout so it worked better.

blue patterned wallpaper in bedroom with white wooden wardrobe and blue and pink covers

Where did you start?

I had planned to start with the kitchen, but the bathroom leaked taking the kitchen ceiling down with it, so I had to do both renovations at the same time. With the builders already in the I figured I may as well get them to remove the wall between the living and dining rooms too. This meant I ended up having all the building work done at once, which I had planned or budgeted to do.

kitchen with grey wooden units and long gold handles with white tiles

What do you most love about your new home?

The moment I open my front door I feel completely at ease. It’s relaxing and I adore the space I’ve created. Most people can’t wait for a renovation project to be over, but I love making tweaks and swapping things around so it feels new all the time. It’s the best project that never ends.

white hallway with blue industrial chair and round wire wall decoration

What is your favourite room?

Does my garden count? I brought all my knowledge of interior styling outdoors and doubled the ground floor by turning the garden into an outdoor dining area, living room and cook’s garden. It’s my first proper garden and I’m used to working inside rather than out, so it’s an on-going learning curve.

patio garden with plants and grey painted pergola

What’s your best piece of advice?

Take your time. It’s tempting to rip everything out when you move in, but you need space to work out what changes you want to make work and what can wait. It will save you money and knowing exactly what you’re working towards will help get you through the messy building works.

rustic dining table with blue metal dining chairs and blue wooden sideboard

To see more of Maxine’s journey check out her blog or follow on her instagram @maxinebradystyling.

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