Going more green – our pledge to use less plastic

Going more green – our pledge to use less plastic - Modish Living

Like most retailers, we are constantly looking at how to reduce packaging and plastic, without compromising the safety of our products in transit.

But our attitude to being eco-friendly doesn’t end there – it is about everything we do, from packaging to the back office.

With a growing emphasis on everyone doing their bit for the environment, we have decided to take a closer look at what we do and how we do it. We have built our business of sustainable credentials – we are one of the few leading furniture manufacturers who offer reclaimed wood furniture and wood from sustainable sources across our entire range from the reclaimed wood dining table to the drinks display cabinet – but that doesn’t mean we are not continually looking to improve.

Not just plastic

Plastic has revolutionised our lives but at Modish Living, we have understood for a long time that being eco-friendly is not just about ditching plastic.

Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed wood furniture is by no means substandard but by repurposing slow growing timber, by purchasing a reclaimed wood coffee table or dining table, our customers are investing in pieces that are higher quality than many budget flat-pack pieces.

Chalfont Wooden Sideboard

Mango wood is our material of choice in collections that are not made from reclaimed timber. Mango wood is a by-product of the fruit industry. It too is slow growing with a dense structure that makes it perfect for furniture, especially carved pieces. When the tree is no longer giving a high yield of fruit, only then is it felled and made into furniture.

Hoxton Oak Farmhouse Dining Table

Oak is another material that we ensure is sustainably sourced. For example, in the Hoxton Collection, the oak used is European, while in the Hudson Living Chilson Table, it is of French origin. In the Kingsbridge collection, the oak used is reclaimed. We aim to make this the case for every new collection we add to our website to ensure our ongoing commitment to the health of our planet.


It has given us cheap products and hard wearing components but the love affair with plastic is over.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

We are taking steps to reduce our use of plastic. We are sourcing a biodegradable bubble wrap that offers our beautiful Beam Collection, for example on our beautiful reclaimed table, the protection it needs in transit without filling landfill with plastic.

Paperless business

Like most other businesses, we have significantly reduced our consumption of paper. For the small number of things we do print – the occasional marketing material – we do so on recycled paper when this is practicable.

We also work with our suppliers to make their packaging and business with us less reliant of paper, especially as many printed things are not really needed.

But what do these changes mean for our customers? Are consumer opinions really changing? We took to our social media channels to find out.

Consumer attitudes

There is a shift in how consumers are thinking about plastic. For example, we wanted to know if people would consider buying recycled plastic furniture.

The majority of people said yes, they loved the idea but had yet to make a purchase. Those that had made a purchase had done so with recycled plastic outdoor rugs, an interesting choice.

Plastic straws created an interesting debate with some people advocating the purchase of metal straws whilst others found that paper straws were just as good. However, in our recent poll, most people said that they have no need for straws, paper, plastic or otherwise, so they were ditching them completely.

Small steps, taken consistently

We once read that the best way of making changes that helped the environment was the make small changes but consistently. So we’ve ditched paper unless we really need to print, we are making strides to reduce packaging and use better options, and we will continue to source the best collections made from reclaimed wood or from sustainable sources like Mango wood. We care about our customers, and our environment, and we strive to do the best for both, now and in the future.