How to mix & match chairs with the table to create a pleasant aesthetic

Hoxton Oak White Farmhouse Dining Table

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table with Chairs

To mix or not, that is the question.

There’s far more to consider when buying dining chairs than may initially meet the eye – shall I opt for the chairs which match my reclaimed wood dining table? How many chairs should I buy (should I invest in extra ones if last-minute guests make an appearance)? Should I stick to one colour of upholstered dining chairs? I could go on.

Thankfully, there really is no right answer and it’s something you can be completely practical about, or go wild and create a fun, eclectic aesthetic which is bound to start all dinner conversations. Here’s a few of our favourite dining table and chair combinations to get you thinking.

Initial considerations

Before you let your imagination run wild, considering the thousands of options available to you – make sure you think about the practicalities. For example, if you regularly host lively dinner parties, a 10 seater dining table and chairs may work particularly well for you. Or you may be working with a small space where something which is relatively compact is the most important factor.

If you’ve already bought a dining table, you’ll also need to think about how many chairs to buy. For example, trestle tables often have the legs at either end of the table, prohibiting you from squeezing an extra guest on the end.

Finally, think about the seat hight. It’s important that your guests are comfortably able to sit under your dining table ready to enjoy a meal. If you opt for seats which are very padded, or perhaps have longer-than-average legs, your guests may struggle to get comfortable. It may also be worth considering whether you’ll be able to cross your legs or not!

Matchy matchy

Why they’re a contender: it will create a sophisticated, well-thought-out space, perfect for that minimalist aesthetic.

Sometimes understated is the best way to go. If you have a beautiful rustic dining table crafted from reclaimed wood rich with history, it seems a shame to mask that by pairing it with statement dining chairs which will become the star of the show.

By there are different ways you can match your dining chairs to your table.

The first option is the most obvious – go for the dining chairs in the same range as your dining table. This is the undoubtedly an easy option, and one which may save you hours (!), when it comes to decorating, as it will save you spending time trying to match the tones of the wood or considering the endless possibilities you have when it comes to the world of dining chairs. There’s also something so classic and elegant about something which is so perfectly coordinated.

Luxe Kensington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Your other option is to spend some time studying the colour of the table you’ve opted for. We were absolutely delighted when one of our customers shared a picture of her beautiful dining room. Jody has cleverly paired her dining table with black dining chairs which match the industrial table legs for a sleek, harmonious appearance and we think it looks utterly fantastic!

Live colourfully

Why they’re a contender: sometimes all you need is a splash of colour to completely transform a room.

Colour is a great way to change the look of your room and add some of your personality – particularly in modern homes, where walls are increasingly painted in neutral tones like white and grey!

Sussex Oval Dining Table and Daley Velvet Chairs

We love the combination of this industrial dining table and dark blue velvet upholstered dining chairs. The coordination of the black of the table legs and the legs of the chairs will maintain that chic appearance many of us work hard to achieve while the splash of blue is capable of bringing any room to life.

Create something extraordinary by looking at the smallest details

Why they’re a contender: it has the power of transforming the look of your dining table (perfect if you only want to change the dining chairs!)

Furniture often has interesting details. That’s probably what drew you to your dining table, no? If there is something you love about your table, make a feature of it.

Chelwood Medium Reclaimed Wood Dining Set

We love how the slim metal accents on this table has been so cleverly highlighted by the seating arrangement. The dining set with chairs and bench has been paired with faux leather dining chairs with metal frames along one side of the table for an interesting, slightly eclectic look which just looks so stylish!

Look at the big picture

Why they’re a contender: it will create a room which looks well-considered, elegant and just a little bit different than the rest.

Hoxton Oak White Farmhouse Dining Table

Notice how this oak dining table has been so perfectly complimented by the fabric dining chairs despite not totally matching. It’s all about being a little bit brave and trusting your gut. It’s an aesthetic which probably takes a bit more time and effort, but we’re sure you’ll agree the finished look is worth it!

The best way to make this style work is to pick your dining table and then pick two or three colours which will compliment it. The light oak and white colours of this dining table lend themselves to being paired with soft colours like beige and blue but there are plenty of other combinations which would work too – grey and purple or different shades of green to name a couple.

How have you matched your dining table and chairs? Perhaps you haven’t at all!? Either way, we would love to see how you’ve styled the item of furniture which is the heart of family life for many of us!