Have a go at upcycling old furniture!

Room with upcycled palette boxes with large black and white rug

Wouldn’t it be lovely to switch all your old furniture with lovely “new” reclaimed wood furniture! But it would be such a waste to just dump everything to make way for this so here we look at something that is really on-trend right now – upcycling. The possibilities for upcycling are as vast as your imagination. You can start off with one idea but as you get working go somewhere completely different.

Bedroom with recycled palette round table and light pink curtains

Upcycling is a great way to introduce a bit of individuality into your home. You can upcycle your old rustic furniture, scour second-hand shops, car boot sales and internet advertisements to find pieces you want to work with – making it cost-effective as well as sustainable. Keep an eye out for old pallets that can be transformed into an outdoor sofa or into unique furniture for your home, you can make pieces to exact sizes that will fit into a corner or a small space.

Getting started with upcycling

If you have never upcycled anything before then start with a simple, not too large piece, something like a ladder shelf unit (great to hang pot plants on), a small wooden wardrobe or a wood bookcase.

Yellow paintbrushes and blue glove on a distressed blue painted wooden ladder

– Invest in some good quality brushes and the right paints for the job, you can get advice on this from your local hardware store – no one wants bits of bristle incorporated into the design.

– Plan what you want to do with the furniture piece you have but keep an open mind.

– Preparation is the key to success – cleaning (and sanding) are vital to a perfect finish.

– Remember to take door and drawer handles off before painting, you might want to replace old ones with something new.

– Add a good layer of varnish or wax at the end to protect and seal all your hard work.

Large 12 drawer chest of drawers painted in different shades of grey

Once you have mastered the basics you can move on to more complex items and decorate with more intricate designs. An old wooden crate can be transformed into a rustic coffee table, an industrial side table or rustic TV stand – and take pride of place in your living room, add a large chest of drawers for storage and you have all the furniture you need in your living room. The beauty is you can do exactly the style, colour and finish you want so it will suit your room perfectly!

Close up of orange mosaic tiles with a flower design

Tired old wooden blanket boxes can be given a new lease of life by transforming them into kids storage boxes for the playroom by using fun colours and stencils. Smash up old tiles to create a mosaic on an old tabletop. The internet is full of wonderful ideas and tutorials!