How do I add glam to my living room?

white fabric sofa with large pampas grass

living room with gold coffee table and wooden armchairs

If you are considering glamming up your living room, then you have some big design choices ahead of you. This is especially true if you want to give it a makeover with just the right amount of glam without going over the top. If you thought that all you need to give your living room that more luxurious look is some new fancy expensive furniture, then you may be interested to hear that this isn’t always the case and that you can give your living space the high-end look you are after in other ways. With a few clever design tricks, and of course, the right pieces of rustic furniture, giving your living room a glamorous makeover -particularly if you favour a more rustic furniture style – has never been easier.

Go big on the furniture

Oversized furniture is a great way to add a really glamorous touch to your living room. The quickest way to do this is to opt for a single statement piece of furniture this could be a large sideboard or Oswald 2 seater sofa. Maybe even a characterful reclaimed wood coffee table a mango wood coffee table with gold accents or an edgy industrial coffee table. The trick here is to think impact, something that makes you go ‘wow’ as you enter the room.

Dazzle with stunning lights

When it comes to ‘zhuzhing’ up your living room lighting, go big. Look for ceiling lights that will make a real impression on anyone who visits your home. Large light shades, modern crystal chandeliers or even light fittings with multiple drops can create a really glamorous effect. Do not just limit yourself to one type of lighting in your living room either. Introduce a couple of large table lamps on a rustic sideboard so that you can change the mood of your room or layer your lighting at night. An oak console table also makes a great place to sit an impressive table lamp for maximum effect.

Remember your ceiling

When we decorate a room, the ceiling is an area that is often overlooked. Make a real statement with your ceilings through the use of colour or even patterns. The right choice of colour could really help to offset your glamorous light fitting whether you have high or low ceilings. If you have rustic beams, make them a highlight or paint them in the same colour you have chosen for your ceiling. For an all-out glam statement, what about silver or gold leaf? This would look stunning against a dark blue wall with a brown leather armchair.

living room with green painted panelled ceiling

Luxurious textiles

When it comes to the textiles that you add to your living room; throws, cushions and even your window dressings opt for luxurious textiles. Billowy cotton drapes, velvet, silk and good quality faux fur will all help to add a hint of dramatic glamour to your room. Shop around to find shades that complement your colour scheme.

Less really is more, and size does matter!

living room with grey corner sofa and large artwork on wall

When it comes to the accessories you put in your living room, less really is more. Don’t overcrowd your room or it will look too cluttered and not at all glamorous. Choose your accessories wisely but go big with those items that you do opt for, think big rugs, a single big piece of artwork, large mirrors, and even big pieces of rustic or reclaimed wood furniture – all of these will make a memorable statement in your living room.

Key accessories

Finally, choose your accessories wisely, again to up the glam less really will be more. Silver, bronze and gold accessories will add instant glamour to your room but don’t go overboard with the golden trappings otherwise you risk the space looking gaudy. We think a set of round nesting tables with a gold or silver frame brings in just the right amount of shine whilst also providing an ideal spot for the placement of a silver photo frame, vase or some other metallic accessories.

round nest of tables in reclaimed wood with silver leg

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