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How do I choose the right size sofa for a small room?

How do I choose the right size sofa for a small room?

Just how do you choose a sofa for a small room that doesn’t dominate or impose, that doesn’t look and feel like a giant, shoehorned into a room that is clearly too small? We have some suggestions…

How will the rest of the room be styled and furnished?

There are all kinds of hints and tips that can help a room to feel bigger, but when it comes to physical space, you must consider what else you plan on adding to the room along the sofa.

As a rule of thumb – and it is by no means set in stone – you need to consider leaving a pathway of at leads one metre in width around furniture. When we don’t create pathways that are easy to move through, the room feels cluttered and overbearing.

Spitfire Brown Cerato Leather Sofa

And so, before you consider your sofa options such as whether a two-seater sofa or 3 seater sofa will fit in the room, consider what other reclaimed wood furniture you need in the space.

You still need to frame the sofa

When dealing with smaller rooms, it is easy to throw out the styling rule book, assuming it doesn’t apply. Surely, you think, framing the 3 seater leather sofa with a rug, reclaimed wood large coffee table or even a nest of side tables is reserved for those with huge living rooms? The answer is no, your chosen sofa, no matter what shape, style or size still needs to be framed within the space.

Charlie Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Coffee TableFraming it means it has a boundary, a setting within which it looks like it should be there. A well-chosen rug in terms of size and colour is helpful in making the room feel bigger and choosing a reclaimed wood coffee table that is smaller than the sofa creates a point of reference within the room’s finished layout.

A large coffee table may be practical but if it contributes to the room feeling cluttered, it’s time to opt for a smaller one.

Tip – consider using a round reclaimed wood coffee table in a smaller room to encourage ease of movement.

Choosing the right pieces – material

Reclaimed wood furniture is a sheer delight no matter what room it resides in. in the smaller room, reclaimed wood is the ideal choice for many reasons. It allows you, for example, to bring a uniqueness to the space because no two pieces of reclaimed wood furniture are the same.

The warmth and natural beauty of reclaimed wood are also perfect for the bijou space, with the romance of its past life certainly adding something different to the space.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Versatile, it also lends itself to any style too. In the industrial style, the fusion of reclaimed wood with metal is not only expected but essential. Within the rustic and farmhouse styles, reclaimed wood furniture is also an expectation, as well as being the perfect foil for any sofa you choose, be it a comfortable brown leather sofa, or something more striking.

Be practical

Be realistic and practical about what fits in the smaller room but also what is functional. And don’t forget to measure the door to make sure your chosen sofa, small armchair and reclaimed wood furniture can actually fit…



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