How many calories can you burn in a Lazy Day

Lazy Day in Bedroom

Lazy Day Girl in PijamasWhilst it may be summer at the moment, living in England, the summer is never without its rainy days – the perfect day for a lazy day at home. And now you don’t even need to feel guilty for taking a day to relax and rewind at home, because even lazy day activities burn calories!

Just because its a lazy day doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to be in your pyjamas all day. Some simple getting ready activities actually burn calories. For example, burn 68 calories for putting on makeup for 30 minutes and blowdrying you hair burns roughly 170 calories in an hour. Sit on a gorgeous club chair to add a bit of luxury to your lazy getting ready. Even having a shower and towelling off burns calories – 91 calories in 30 minutes to be precise!

Lazy Day Scrabble

And what about lazy day activities? Why not play a game or two with your friends of family – a 2 hour game of Scrabble will burn 200 calories and give your brain a work out too! Pop your game of scrabble on a stunning coffee table with storage to get your whole family sat around. You could even pop a couple of sneaky treats in the drawers so you don’t have to get up to go to the kitchen.

But you even burn calories watching the television, which is good news for binge watching your new favourite TV programme. Lying quietly whilst watching TV will burn 36 calories every 30 minutes but will increase to 60 calories if you are a fidgeter. Make sure you have the perfect TV set up for your TV marathon – a white wood TV unit with storage space for media players and TV boxes means everything is all in one place.

Lazy Day Cooking in Kitchen

Lazy days for many involve ordering takeaways so you can sit back and relax – so make sure you have the perfect brown leather sofa to do so! But if you fancy cooking dinner, you’ll actually burn some of it off! Making dinner for 1 hour will burn 238 calories and might even burn off enough calories for an ice cream treat after dinner. Singing whilst you cook will burn even more calories, with singing for an hour burning 136 calories. Alternatively, order a takeaway. If you are up for leaving the sofa on your lazy day, you could walk and collect it.

And why not enjoy a lazy day with a friend? Laughing burns roughly 50 calories for every 30 minutes of laughing.

So there you have it – take a day to relax and burn calories all at once!

Lazy Day with Friends