How to achieve a modern rustic kitchen

Hoxton Oak White Round Extending Dining Table

Kitchen with Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

If you enjoy the heady mix of modern and rustic seamlessly rolled into one then you will love the charm and warmth exuded by the modern rustic kitchen.

Define the area

The open plan kitchen/diner is remaining a firm favourite and those who want to enjoy open plan and the modern rustic style may find this trend gives them the tools to make more of this area.

The basis of the modern rustic style is on creating and defining an area. But this doesn’t mean just a formal dining at a reclaimed wood dining table OR a modern breakfast part type of arrangement.

Hoxton Oak White Round Extending Dining Table

Mix the formal with the more formal dining area – why not choose a pleasingly chunky, rustic dining table with its heavy-set table top? Soften it a little more by ramping up the comfort levels with velvet upholstered dining chairs.

For a more family-friendly alternative, matching the rectangular rustic dining table with a dining bench makes perfect sense.

Parker Leather Bar Stool

Informal dining or snacking areas at a kitchen island are also well within reach of the modern rustic kitchen. Opt for wooden bar stools to err on the rustic side or if you want to introduce a super-modern note then leather upholstered bar stools are ideal. Choose a coloured leather to increase the heat of the design scheme a notch or two.

Mix and match

Mixing the rustic with the modern is an exciting combination and one that this style is all about.

But sometimes, taking the plunge can be more than a little scary – will everything marry seamlessly together or will it look like you couldn’t decide on which pieces to go for, so you opted for everything?

Avoid this by;

Keeping textures and materials similar but not exactly the same – the rustic is all about natural materials, wood and leather for example, as much as possible throughout the scheme. Modern is streamlined, with synthetic materials not being off the menu. To keep both in harmony, if you want sleek and chic, stick with leather or faux leather, two materials we stock and that are popular.

Choosing one or two key pieces – modern chairs, for example, sitting against the traditional shape and styling of a rustic farmhouse table, for example, is a great example of the two sitting side by side. Because there is nothing else conflicting with the modern chairs, they look like a concerted effort and a specific choice.

Maddox Industrial Reclaimed Elm Dining Table and Chairs

To give you a flavour of this look, take a look at the Maddox table and ice cream coloured velvet chairs. It may be an industrial piece by the marrying of the industrial with the soft, plush velvet gives you an idea of what can be achieved when you combine distinctly styled pieces.

Accessorise carefully

On one hand, the rustic style is about bringing in character and warmth but is achieved in a different way to the modern style.

Again, the key to success is to choose wisely when it comes to which style of accessory will be the dominant force and which will highlight key areas or pieces.

A large, modern, over-sized wall clock will work fantastically, as well as a piece of modern sculpture. Temper this with quirky wall art.

Is the combination of rustic and modern the style that appeals to you?