Party ideas – how to host a great breakfast!

Breakfast on Dining Table

Breakfast Food on Dining Table

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and tea like a pauper, an old saying that suggests breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

With this ringing in our ears, we decided to take a look at hosting a brunch party. Increasingly popular, hosting people in the morning is a great start to everyone’s day.

However, we understand that not everyone’s favourite time of day is first thing in the morning. And neither do you want to rise from slumber to be faced with cooking for a huge crowd. So here’s how to create the perfect brunch party, without the stress and morning grumpiness.

1 Pre-plan

When the sun is promising to shine, most people will have their day ready and raring to go by mid to late morning. This means if you are planning on a breakfast get together, invite what they have planned after enjoying a very pleasant morning interlude.

2 Set the table the night before

Just like an evening meal or a BBQ, we feast with our eyes and that means, making sure your beautiful rustic styled kitchen/diner is ready for action.

A less formal meal in many ways, your rustic dining table can still look delightful but ditch the table cover for pretty mats and charger plates.

The last thing to add in the morning – apart from people and food! – is a jar of handpicked blooms from your garden.

Peonies on Table

Why not dine al fresco? If you have large patio doors that lead onto the patio or terrace, simply lift your table and wooden dining chairs outside and enjoy the morning sunshine. Soften the blow to table and chairs legs with a flat woven rug.

3 The menu

The brunch menu needn’t be complicated either. In fact, the menu can be as rustic as your kitchen/diner!

Why not try;

·A continental breakfast with tasty carved hams and artisan breads

Bagels on Table

·A hot breakfast needn’t be just a fry-up– add delicate tasting treats such as white puddings instead of black and thick cut, locally reared bacon from your butcher

·For those who prefer a lighter breakfast, opt for pancakes, fresh fruits and thick, creak Greek yoghurt, perfect for dolloping on a pile of tangy fruits

Pile as much as you can in the centre of the reclaimed wood dining table for everyone to help themselves. If you run out of space, why not use the dining sideboard as a serving area too?

4 Relax with florals

Granted, the farmhouse style is not all about florals but for a summer’s morning brunch, we think it is the perfect backdrop.

Soften your wooden dining chairs and rustic furniture with pretty throws and scatter cushions. Choose two main colours to use when decorating the table and opt for a third accent colour to frame the setting. We love doing this with traditional rugs.

We also love the round kitchen table, perfect for everyone to squeeze in and enjoy the spoils of breakfast together.

Is a brunch party something you would consider hosting? Or are you not a morning person?!