How to Brighten Up Your Living Room with a Pink Sofa

How to Brighten Up Your Living Room with a Pink Sofa - Modish Living

For some time now, we’ve been encouraged to decorate with neutrals, embrace earth shades and go gaga for grey. The contemporary living room is all about minimalism, Scandi and Hygge – soft, inoffensive and enveloping. That’s all well and good – and there’s no denying that done well, any of those styles look magnificent in any home. But what happens when you feel the need for a little bit of colour again? When you yearn for warm, bright and welcoming?

Berry sofa interior living room contemporary

Therein lies the beauty of those soft dove greys and creamy beige neutrals. When you decide that all your room needs is a pop of colour – those go-with-anything schemes can take it. Any colour, light or dark, soft and chalky or bright and in your face accents are what it’s all about. An accent colour can add that splash, or pop with a feature wall or a few simple accessories. Add a few bold, red or terracotta cushions, a matching throw and candle jars to a grey room and you’ve a whole new look. Or try aqua with beiges and creams. Again, you wouldn’t know it was the same room.

Pinks for every style

For more impact and a slightly more permanent accent without redecorating, one fabulous, statement piece of furniture will do it. Take, for example, pink. Now, pink is a colour that many will shy away from in all but a little Princess bedroom – but that’s really missing a trick. Pink has warmth and softness without the harshness of reds and purples. Pink says soft and welcoming, not just candy floss and dolls. Pink is love and romance, spring blossom, comfort, gentleness. Pink implies health – ‘you’re in the pink’. The hotter shades – magenta, cerise and fuchsia – are vibrant and energetic and can add opulence, while the salmons and corals are sophisticated and elegant enough to grace any dining room.

Don’t go all out – accents are perfect

Pink is versatile, but will always show itself, so don’t overdo it. Choose a gorgeous piece of contemporary lounge furniture – a stunning pink sofa, perhaps. A pink sofa will reinforce the vibrant colours of any room and add a welcome pop to the more neutral space. Immediately, your room has a centerpiece, a focal point and everything else is just background. Your living room will have a real style and class, as well as feeling instantly updated.

Know your space

A baby pink sofa, although pretty and refreshing may lack practicality in the family home – but in the professional’s loft would look effortlessly cool and stylish. Magenta would immediately add impact and bright candy pink could add a retro, kitsch vibe. Soft crushed strawberry pink falls somewhere in the middle – it has a satisfying depth and practicality but is still undeniably pink.

Whatever your preferred shade, add some pink to your home today and feel the happiness and contentment that this adaptable colour can bring.