What Makes the Contemporary Furniture Style a Great Design

What Makes The Contemporary Style So Great - Modish Living

Contemporary style is more than just design; it’s a way of living. We have seen a rise in the use of contemporary interior design combining both form and function as we as a society lead busier and more stressful lives. Contemporary furniture design does away with over complicated and over the top style by stripping back on non-essentials and embracing smart technology.

Hudson Living Kielder Oak Dining Set Bench

Contemporary interior design combines architecture, décor and best furniture designs to make one seamless style, which at first glance is almost too cool for most households, or in a lot of cases too daunting to embark upon. However, contemporary style doesn’t have to be out of reach in any home. Here, we explain the main elements of contemporary style and reveal how to create your ultra modern living space without adding any extra stress to your busy life!

Clean Lines

The kitchen and bathroom in a contemporary home scream clean lines and sleek finishes. These are usually finished all in one or two colours, with a statement piece here and there to avoid feeling clinical. There are no unnecessary knick-knacks or junk – this only complicates your space and contradicts what contemporary style encompasses.

Bold Colours

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Contemporary spaces mean you can be brave with your colour choices – think black and lime green, white and pink, even on black or dark blue wall with contrasting gold or copper light fixtures. This can help you create a statement and warmth in your home without having to deal with overcomplicated, cluttered spaces. Block colours and bold patterns as opposed to intricate, busy designs, promote a calmer, clearer environment – somewhere you’d like to be after a busy day.

Contemporary Art

Every home needs art and contemporary clutter-free spaces are no different. Think statement art on the walls or modern picture rails. Choosing the right kind of art for your taste and your home can be tricky – remember to keep things simple with bold modern pieces. If your space is neutral then don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with colourful modern pieces as long as they don’t overcomplicate the room.

Scale & Proportion

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Contemporary style works best when you pick the right accessories to complement your minimalist space. The most effective way to create interest without clutter is to play about with scale and proportion of objects. Over-sized light shades on pendants, over-sized lamps on side tables and large pieces of artwork can all make a big impact. But it isn’t just large pieces that transform a room – smaller details also add variety and interest. Small lighting fixtures like single bulbs work well in contrast with a high ceiling; and low coffee tables make an interesting distinction between pieces of furniture in your living room.

Latest Materials/Materials Mix

Contemporary design also means using new materials – usually cutting edge, eco-friendly or recycled. Yes, contemporary style is all about being modern, but it is also about reinventing something and making it works for our modern lives.

Reworked Classical Furniture

Reinventing old classic furniture could mean giving your much loved armchair a complete revamp, but remember to stay clear of rustic or shabby chic, and keep things simple with neat, seamless spray paint and new, modern upholstery. Or if DIY isn’t your thing, you can add contemporary remakes of classical furniture.

If you’re looking to bring contemporary furniture style to your space, it doesn’t have to be too difficult. Simply take not of the tips above, and start with one room at a time, decluttering as you go to create a home that is completely at one with your contemporary life.