How to style your black Chesterfield sofa

Aviator Coffee Table styled with black chesterfield sofa in living room

What makes this such an appealing and pleasant living room?

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The Chesterfield sofa is an iconic shape, a sign of decadence and luxury. The matching sideboard and coffee table fit perfectly within the scheme. The TV, although large, is not the centrepiece of the room. The armchair with lush, deep green upholstery adds another note of sophistication, the black lampshades and silver-edged accessories, including the mirror pulling the whole scheme together. Although the red flowers are the only red items in the room, the eye is not drawn to them immediately but to the gold-effect Roman numerals of the wall clock.

All in all, a pleasing effect, simple enough to recreate. But most of us struggle to make a space that is as harmonious and cohesive in design and appearance as this room.

So how do you get this glamorous, sophisticated look? We’ll show you how.

Black Leather Sofa

The centrepiece of the above living room is the brown leather chesterfield sofa. We are going to substitute it for an Italian leather sofa or, for added flair and glamour, the crushed velvet living room sofa from our range.

Chester Club Black Cerato Leather Sofa

Both have an iconic, recognisable shape and delicious curves – let this shape sing in the room!

Byron Crushed Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Black is a great colour to work with, mainly because it dovetails well with any other colour. However, bear in mind black accentuates other colours so a moderately bright pink cushion will be a very bright pink cushion. Dark colours will take on new depths, and pastel colours will look stronger too.

The Armchair

The armchair is this photo is a distinct colour to the sofa, great for breaking up the monotony of a colour scheme.

Depending on your colour scheme, you may want to choose a statement piece like this Cropwell Bartello Leather Jasper Wool Chair. Don’t be frightened to mix materials – this chair goes well with both the leather and brushed velvet sofa. Design your own armchair, by customizing mixing wool and leather of different colours.

Cropwell Bartello Brown Leather Jasper Wool Chair

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For practicality and style, add this impossibly glamorous reclaimed wood round side table or for the industrial look, this reclaimed wood with metal frame side table is ideal. Reclaimed wood furniture works wonderfully in this setting.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Nest of Tables for Living Room

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If you don’t want to take the chance of introducing a coloured armchair for fear it will date, furniture such as this contemporary coffee table will surprise you with its versatility for sitting within any design scheme. The mirrored effect of this aviator-themed coffee table certainly adds glamour and appeal.

Aviator Coffee Table


The atmosphere in a room is important and it starts with the lighting, supported in its endeavours by the final choice of wall colour.

Don’t be frightened to add a mix of furniture accessories. This brass-based Martino table lamp works well with all contemporary living room furniture. Pendant lighting following similar lines and shape will also add atmosphere to a room.

Martino Table Lamp for Living Room

Accessories and Colour

Once you have the ‘basics’ in the room, it can be tempting to add all kinds of cushions in various shapes and sizes, elegant and colourful drapes and window dressings, along with a rug or two.

But floor coverings and rugs should be neutral as like a light-coloured ceiling, a light floor helps to open up a room.

Louis De Poortere Rug - Mad Men Jersey Stone

A mirror also helps to pull a room together, especially when you use more than one, using them as wall art too.

Creating a cohesive, glamorous space is about placing things together but not being ‘matchy-matchy’. It is about neutral floors and ceilings, lighting and the furniture and finally, wall colour. You too could have a beautiful living room, by just following the plan above, but with a black sofa – so how will you style yours?