How to choose a perfect dressing table

Once considered a luxury item in the boudoir of the rich, the vanity - or dressing table as it is also known - is now the mainstay of bedrooms across the country.

Choosing the perfect dressing table is easy with these with five great tips – and it doesn’t mean blowing the budget to get the style and appeal you want. Match your rustic bedroom furniture perfectly with your dressing table to get just the effect you want.

1. Features

When it comes to choosing the perfect piece, the first thing you need to think about is what features you need from the dressing table. If you have many items, you may want ample display space or you may want plenty of drawer space to keep trinkets and personal effects safe.

Savannah Small Reclaimed Wood Dressing Table in Bedroom with Chair

Shop Savannah reclaimed wood dressing table

Our Savannah reclaimed wood dressing table is the ideal solution. With one large desk drawer and four smaller drawers atop the dressing table, there is plenty of space to keep things safe but accessible.

2. Size

Getting the right dressing table is as much about the right dimensions as it is style and features. Too big, and it will crowd the space you have but too small, and its addition in the bedroom will have no impact.

Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Dressing Table with two drawers

Shop Dorset reclaimed wood dressing table

The Dorset reclaimed wood dressing table is ideal for those seeking a rustic or farmhouse feel to their bedroom but also for fitting into limited space. With a slimline depth of 45cm, it has the perfect dimensions.

3.Choosing the right area within the bedroom

You want your dressing table to offer everything you need and that includes being in a space that is accessible, as well as in natural light if possible.  If you have a large reclaimed wood bed taking up most of your space, then your desk may need to be squeezed into a smaller space. When light is short, you need to add ambient lighting. As well as stylish lighting, we have a range of not-too-bright or overly-dramatic table lamps, ideal for adding luminescence when you need it most.


From modern to contemporary, minimalistic to rustic, there are all kinds of styles that lend themselves to creating a stylish bedroom that is relaxing and welcoming. In essence, you want your dressing table to support your chosen style, complementing it and not detracting from it.

Nilsson Rustica Reclaimed Wood Dressing Table for bedroom

The Nilsson Rustica reclaimed wood dressing table fits perfectly in a space where you want a rustic feel and is the perfect bedroom partner to the Nilsson range of reclaimed wood beds.


And finally, choosing the right dressing table is about choosing the right material. Historically, the dressing table has been made from wood, and wither painted, stained or varnished to give its final appeal. If you are looking for character, Scandinavian bedroom furniture, often made from reclaimed wood. Alternatively, you could let the beauty of the wood sing its own song such as with this Scandinavian styled oak dressing table.

Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dressing Table or Console for bedroom

Shop Hudson Living Wycombe Oak Dressing Table or Console

Key Accessories

We have touched on the importance of light but there are other must-have accessories too.

A comfortable, but stylish seating solution, either a chair or stool, is an essential contemporary furniture accessory. Choose an upholstered chair that complements the dressing table and sits within the bedroom’s colour scheme too. Reclaimed wood shelving is also available to store any extras that don’t fit on the table itself.

And finally, choose a wall mirror that is ideal for your space. Add a hint of Art Deco, or stick with the minimalistic Scandinavian appeal or if you want warmth and rustic charm, a reclaimed wood mirror will work well.

With a wealth of options on offer, there’s really no reason why you can’t find the perfect piece for your space, by keeping the above tips in mind. What will you choose?


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    Nice post… In my opinion Size and wood Material is most important for choosing a perfect dressing table.

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