Lights that will work like magic in your hallway

Studio Lights

The hallway is, without a doubt, an important room in your home. It welcomes guests and visitors and is the space through which you and your family will pass several times a day.

It needs to be practical and functional, easy to keep clean and yet, create the right impression, sounding all the right style notes for the rest of your property. Worried about how to achieve this, especially with a small space? Read on to find out how you can add drama, depth and texture into your hallway, with lighting being just one tool you have at your disposal.

Drama and Style

There are many ways to style your hallway, from choosing wallpaper and colour schemes with an impact, to creating bespoke storage solutions. Light in a hallway can be compromised but there is another commonality in hallways in homes across the country – height.

Maddox Pendant Light for hallway

The height stretches from the ground floor to the ceiling of the first floor. This alone adds drama to the space but you can ramp it up with a range of pendant lights.

Celestial means star-like, something of the heavens and supremely good – and that is exactly what our range of Celestial pendant lights bring to a hallway.

Enjoy the warmth of gold and the curvaceous shape of the teardrop shades or the globes that cast a glow around your hallway.

Making the Most of Light

It can be tempting to assume that because a light is scarce in a hallway that the only solution is to paint it a light, neutral colour or opt for wallpaper that uses only light colours and tones.

But, you can add a depth of colour to the walls – why not a dark, forest green or a moody, elegant navy? Because when you add mirrors, you instantly maximise the light in the space, doubling the effects of the warm glow of your pendant.

Celestial Gold Wall Mirror for Hallway

Just look at what a contemporary wall mirror could add to a hallway.

The Console Table

The hallway is the traditional home of the console table. Bijou, narrower, sometimes with drawers, sometimes with shelving, the console table was the must-have piece of furniture. It was the table on which the house phone sat, car keys were kept and other smaller but important items.

We may keep the phone and the Wi-Fi router in different places in modern times but, the console table is still a stylish and much-sought-after addition to the hallway.

Luxe Elm Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table in Hallway

Choose from a range of styles and designs. Opt for the traditional or the clean lines of minimalism. There is also the industrial console table, sleek and understated, its exposed frame and elm top sit perfectly in any hallway, any size.

Lights that Cast the Smallest of Shadows

You don’t always want the main hallway light ablaze and yet, you don’t want it in complete darkness either. With an electric table lantern, you get the best of both worlds. A soft glowing light housed in a stylish lantern, without the concerns of candles.

Stainless Steel Electric Studio Lanterns in 3 different sizes for hallway

Opt for one, or buy a collection so that your console table looks divine in their glow.

These changes are affordable, yet their effects instant. How will you add style to your hallway?