How to choose the perfect modern armchair for your living room

Modern armchair

There is nothing quite like unwinding after a long day by relaxing in a comfy armchair in the living room. But getting the right armchair takes more than just choosing luxury seating based on looks alone. There are other factors that come in to play, especially with modern armchairs.

Carson RetroSit Ebony Leather Armchair for living room


It seems odd to start with purpose because surely, an armchair is to sit in?

Of course it is but the armchair serves an additional function in a contemporary living room. Consider, if you will, your lounge in a cold, dark winter’s evening. The fire is ablaze, and you and your partner are sitting enjoying each other’s company, a good book and the heat of the fire – so why not have two armchairs on either side of the fire?

These Oswald Armchairs are perfect for fireside in the winter, and next to a vast window to enjoy the summer sunshine too.

Space and Measurements

Our eyes and memory can deceive us, especially when we choose an item of modern living room furniture as important as an armchair – we can think that the space is bigger or smaller than it is. The problem with this is that the dimensions of the chosen armchair once in the space can look too big, too cumbersome, too small, too insignificant.

Before you go on the hunt for the perfect armchair, measure the space where the armchair will be. When you find the armchair, use the dimensions of it to create an outline on the floor – does it look too big or small, or just right?

Choose the Fabric

Next is fabric, and this is essentially linked to the style of your interior, as much as it is to your likes and dislikes. Leather is a natural material that takes minimal effort to keep clean and supple. Fabric can add colour, depth and texture to a space. Or, you may prefer the best of both worlds and opt for a bespoke armchair design which mixes your choice of leather and fabric – paired with modern rugs, this can look fantastic.

The Chesterfield shape is iconic, associated with sofas but also available in a comfortable armchair. We can create a truly bespoke Chesterfield designed armchair, complete with your choice of leather and tweed.

Choose the Style

Style is, of course, important. We have already mentioned the iconic Chesterfield design but there are others.

There is a style of armchair that will fit your interior design style perfectly.

Leather tub chairs are also popular. If you have trouble choosing – and who doesn’t? – you will be pleased to know that there is no interior design rule that stipulates you can only have one colour leather or fabric, or have to make the choice between leather or fabric when it comes to armchairs.

Try for Comfort

You wouldn’t buy a mattress without testing it for comfort, even if it is only for a few minutes. The same can be said for both armchairs and sofas.

Why not make an appointment and sample the comfort levels of our stylish modern armchairs?