How to make your small home office stylish

Small home office ideas

The way we work is changing. Increasingly, more of us are choosing to work flexibly and from home. This means you may be looking for small home office ideas to create a work space at home that is comfortable, ergonomic, suitable and stylish.

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Finding the Right Space

What is the right space for some, may not be for others so this is a personal choice. You are, however, looking for a space that offers:

  • Plenty of space to work and store a few things – being too cramped means an uncomfortable home office that you won’t be able to work in for longer than a few minutes.
  • Good light – natural is, of course, best but ambient lighting is also needed. Don’t work in shadow as poor lighting leads to eye strain.
  • Minimal distractions – you may love looking out the window and this is all well and good but if the habits of the garden birds because all encompassing then your workload will suffer.

Creating a Bespoke Space

Working from home means taking on the exciting project of re-modelling a part of your home to be a comfortable and stylish workspace.

Once you have decided on where you are going to locate your small home office – spare bedroom, a corner of a room, conservatory, small extension, rooms under the stairs – you can choose the furniture accordingly.

The Desk

A primary piece of kit is the desk. A flat-pack, mass produced item is not always the most practical nor ergonomically comfortable. This doesn’t mean spending thousands on a bespoke design. We love the look and character of reclaimed wood items, especially when the old wood is teamed with modern stainless steel to create an industrial desk. Take a look at our Standford range, such as this reclaimed wood desk with black steel frame.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wooden Desk

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In terms of bespoke design, you will need to consider the space you have available – thus, if a narrower desk would suffice, you can order a made to measure desk that will fit your space perfectly.

The importance of getting the right desk for your work cannot be under estimated for your comfort as well as for not swamping the space.

You need a clutter-free environment that is appealing as much as it is to keep clean and organised.

The Chair

If you work at a PC or design at your desk, then the right chair is a must to make sure your back in well-looked after.

We have a range of leather office chairs, perfect for supporting you. This Hudson vintage style chair is perfect in so many ways. Note its cleanliness and uncluttered appearance. The open frame the smaller office space from being ‘closed down’.

Standford brown faux leather desk chair

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We also love the fact that our office chairs look nothing like ‘office chairs’! In other words, they are robust, comfortable and stylish.


With so many documents and data kept on the cloud, storage needs for the home office are now different to how they used to be. Our bespoke bookcases can be used for styling and decor as well as storage, perfect for keeping those smaller things that don’t need to be used on a frequent basis.

Colette Reclaimed Wood Metal Open Display Unit

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What tips do you have for creating the perfect small home office?