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How to choose the perfect side table

How to choose the perfect side table

Humble it may be, but uber-practical, the side table is an addition to the living room you will wonder how you did without it. Get it right, and it melts into the background, almost stepping forward when you need and then retreating when no longer required. But how do you choose a side table that is both practical and stylish?


The first thing to think about is height, a factor that works closely with purpose which we’ll address next. Too low and it will look too stubby but too tall, and it can look out of place. You’ll need to decide where to put the side table so you have a better idea of the height you can accommodate. Would the light features of a tall side table be the order of the day?

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Tall Side Tables

TIP – don’t have a side table taller than the arm of your sofa. Choose one that is a little shorter so that is ‘supports’ the sofa in its space.


How you intend to use the side table is an important consideration too, especially when it comes to size and height. If you are using, for example, a side table in the corner of the room for a table lamp, you may choose to opt for a taller side table. If you need one for tea and coffee cups, glasses and the like, you’ll need a broader table top that can accommodate such use.

Storage – yes or no?

Some people want a small side table that does nothing more than hold their current novel and coffee cup next to their reading chair. For others, the side table can act as a welcome addition in the living room in terms of storage too. Options include a side table with a shelf or a side table with storage that offers a combination of shelving and drawer space too.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Side Table in Living Room

Drawer and shelving space doesn’t mean you have to opt for a larger table either. This smaller dark wood side table would be ideal for both living room and bedroom. If your room can accommodate a larger side table, this industrial side table with an additional shelf would be a good choice.

Mitcham Oak Industrial Side Table


There are various shaping options;

  • Round – round side tables are great for encouraging flow in a room and can feel less imposing in a smaller room.

  • Slimline – a narrow side table is also great for a smaller space too but can also be a stylish addition too.

  • Square – a square side table is great for zoning a space too and with a larger square side table, you bring in more storage options to the living room.


And finally, opting for the style that fits neatly with the overall styling choice of your home allows for a cohesive and symmetrical look, adding certain aplomb to your living space.

As well as industrial furniture, there are side tables with a heavy rustic flavour as well as reclaimed wood side tables with a coastal feel to them too. The simplicity of a Scandinavian style side table is also beautiful, perfect for slipping into place in most styles.

Wycombe Oak Side Table and Blue Fabric Sofa

With a little thought, a side table can be the addition to the other reclaimed wood furniture you need it to be in your living room or any other room come to that!

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