How to choose the perfect wardrobe for the stylish bedroom

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedroom

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedroom

A room becomes a bedroom when there is a wardrobe but like all other storage options, the wardrobe must a personal solution. We take a look at how to choose the perfect wardrobe for you.

1. Consider height, width and depth

No two bedrooms are the same and for a wardrobe to ‘fit’ it needs to boost the correct dimensions.

In particular, check the height because there is nothing worse than investing in fantastic solid reclaimed wood wardrobe only to find you have to ‘chop a bit off the top’ to make it fit.

2.Plan for delivery too

But there is also something else you need to consider – getting it into your home, up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Opting for a flat-pack product is all well and good but where are the character and individuality? The good news is that there are large wardrobes and smaller wardrobes that have the right dimensions for your room.

3.Freestanding or fitted?

The next question you need to ask when shopping for a wardrobe is not only will it fit but which is best: fitted or freestanding.

We prefer the versatility of a freestanding wardrobe because it can be moved to a new location in the room, as well into another bedroom.

A small wardrobe would have more versatility if this is something that you need.


It is a big decision, especially when you want a wardrobe that fits with your overall style choice.

Choosing a bedroom set of reclaimed furniture is one solution to this and gives a cohesive finish to your bedroom.

If this isn’t the case but you’re looking for one piece of reclaimed wood furniture, you will need to bear in mind that as a purchase, the wardrobe is one of the most expensive purchases you will make, especially if you are opting for quality and solid wood.

Wycombe Oak Open Wardrobe

·If you like the Scandinavian style in the bedroom, this open wardrobe will help you feel right at home. A simple structure, it boasts beautiful quality and finishes. No wonder that the Wycombe wardrobe is so very popular. Great for smaller bedrooms, you have the use of a ‘full’ double wardrobe without the boxiness of doors closing in on the room.

Thornton Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe

·Hanging and drawers space give you more options than a wardrobe that is hanging space alone. The large wardrobe with deep drawers from the rustic, yet refined Thornton Collection is a shining example of this versatility.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe

·Dark wood has an elegance that can only come from its patina, a beautiful look that develops with age. Perfect for a bedroom that you want oozing with class and elegance, the Winchester dark wood wardrobe is simply divine.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Wardrobe

·If dark wood is too oppressive for your tastes, painted wardrobes are fantastic. With an appealing ‘coastal style’ to their appeal, the Dorset white painted wardrobe is satisfyingly rustic or if you want to vamp up the elegance, the Savannah white painted wardrobe has a refined edge to it.


And then, of course, there is the price tag, but we think investing your money in an affordable and chic oak wardrobe that will last the test of time is a far better use of your hard-earned cash than the rickety wardrobe that threatens to topple…