How to give your bedroom a speedy makeover every day

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed and Wardrobe
On September 11th, it’s Make Your Bed Day. Making your bed seems like such a trivial thing in the overall picture. And really, it is. But making your bed before you leave the house is guaranteed to get your morning started in the right way and often leaves our minds feeling clearer and thus improving our moods.
There are plenty of other reasons to make your bed too. Like these, for example…
  • Research shows it helps to keep the rest of your bedroom tidy (haven’t you ever noticed a made bed has the magical power of making the rest of your room look tidy, even when it definitely isn’t?)
  • Daily bed making, once it becomes a habit, also improves productivity by kickstarting a chain of making good decisions throughout your day
  • Few things feel better than jumping into your bed after a day at work and sinking into a perfectly plump pillow and settling in for the night in smoothly made sheets
Perhaps not so trivial after all!
So, by now you might be wondering how to take your bed-making to the next level. Luckily for you, it’s really quite simple and only takes a couple of minutes away from your regular morning routine.
Making the perfect bed starts with the bottom – the sheet. After you’ve got comfortable and had a night’s sleep, your sheet is unlikely to still be perfect. Take the time to pull each corner flat again to ensure that anything lying on top e.g. your duvet, has a perfect base to rest upon.
Creating the look of a luxurious bed does often come down to the type of duvet used. A bigger, fluffier duvet will create an overall plumper look which is fantastic for creating a sumptuous finish and also minimising a creased appearance.
However, you can also give your duvet a quick shake to fluff it up each morning.
And finally – lots of pillows! Whether or not you sleep with lots of pillows, having several pillows plus a few decorative pillows creates a styled appearance you’ll love the finish off. Two (or three, if you really go for it) pillows plumped up and standing upright against the headboard look fantastic, like something in a stylish boutique hotel. Finish with a couple of colourful scatter cushions to tie your bed into the rest of your colour scheme and you’re good to go. Nillson Rustica Reclaimed Wood Bed
When it comes to adding colour, perhaps think about the style of your bed. For example, the cool toned wood of the Nilsson Rustica Wood Bed looks perfect with peaceful colours such as blue and grey. Opt for very light grey linens (they not only look stylish but are easier to keep looking perfectly clean than white) and finish with lots of blue accessories, and lots of texture – a few pattened cushions and a chunky knitted throw should do the trick.
Standford Reclaimed Wood Bed
A very simple style bed like the Standford Bed allows you to have more fun. Why not play around with a couple of contrasting colours for something special, or inject a fantastically bright pop of colour – yellow is always a fun choice, and is another colour which looks great with blue. You could even do a selection of pastel colours.
Thornton Reclaimed Wood in Bed and Blanket Box
When it comes to light wood, like with the Thornton High Reclaimed Bed, keeping the colours light and neutral will create the most tranquil setting you could imagine. Shades of grey look stunning for that chic space you’ve always dreamt of. However, pops of pale colours also work wonders – a soft pink or sage green will look truly stunning, and aren’t colours you’ll tire of either.
Having a good selection of reclaimed wood furniture also helps. After all, the bedroom should be peaceful – something which is hard to achieve in a room full of clutter.
Dulwich Reclaimed Wood Blanket Box
A wooden blanket box at the end of your bed is the PERFECT hiding place for fresh linens when you want to do a complete bed-change, but will also fit in unseasonal throws and cushions if you like to change up your bed’s styling to make the seasons. A small chest of drawers will also do the same job if you’d prefer to have your furniture up against a wall as opposed to in the middle.
Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Bedside
Bed side tables on each side of the bed are also great for minimising clutter and giving a perfectly made bed the perfect frame to finish the look of brilliantly. Gorgeous table lamps or a large statement candle on each bedside table will add a pop of interest, especially if you opt for all-white bedding, too. And don’t forget a fantastic wooden dressing table to ensure hairbrushes, makeup and styling products can be tucked away in a drawer rather than cluttering beautiful wooden tops.
Have you got any fantastic bed making tips?! We would love to know.