Want to create a calming living room? Here’s how

Neutral colour scheme living room with cream sofa and industrial coffee table

Our living rooms need to cope with many different activities from a kids playroom and TV room to a sophisticated space to entertain guests – but it should also be a space for relaxing after a busy day. In this blog, we look at ways to create a refreshing and calming space.

Living room featuring sofa with white and grey throw, plants and large rug

Calming colours

The decor needs to be light and airy. Neutral, white or off-white walls is a great start, then you can introduce calming colours such as blue, green, pink, grey, white, violet or yellow – these are all colours that are known for their relaxation and calming properties. Reclaimed wood furniture is a great choice and works harmoniously with these colours. Natural daylight is the best way to light up a room so it should always be allowed to flow in.

Living room layout

The layout has a fundamental effect on the feel of a space. The largest piece of furniture, and where you will probably spend most your time sitting, is the sofa, so place this first – you can use elements of feng-shui to help layout the room and create a naturally calming feel. Ideally, you should position the sofa against a wall – to give a truly secure feeling it should be “anchored” against a solid wall. Furniture pieces should be positioned so that you, and good energy, can flow around the room. You may need to try your sofa in a couple of different positions before deciding on its final position.

Cube coffee table with green plant and books

Photo featuring: Hudson Living Ohio Cube Coffee Table

If you have the room you can opt for a large coffee table like the Hudson Living Ohio Cube coffee table, as featured above. Or the Lansdowne rustic coffee table, which has the added bonus of a shelf below as well as two drawers for hidden storage. For smaller spaces, the Luxe Kensington modern nest of tables would work – you only need to pull out the lower table when needed so the room does not feel cluttered.

Reclaimed wood nest of coffee tables with black steel frame

Photo featuring: Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Industrial Nest of Tables

Practical storage

As with any room in your house, being clutter-free is essential when creating a calming environment – a wooden sideboard, well-placed side tables and book display units will all help keep things in their place. A TV cabinet is a must-have – a place to keep all media-related items tidily together and essential to hide an ugly bundle of cables! The Abingdon reclaimed wood TV cabinet ticks all the boxes, it’s finished in a calming distressed white, has two cupboards and a hole for feed plugs through the back – perfect!

White reclaimed wood tv stand with cupboards and large green plant on top

Photo featuring: Abingdon Reclaimed Wood TV Unit

Tranquil Textures

Now you have the main elements sorted you can turn your attention to the finer details, those homely finishing touches. Cushions, throws, a sofa blanket, a rug – these are all things where you can add additional splashes of colour and stamp your personality on the room. Add a table lamp for subtle lighting, set one on a sofa end table or in a reading corner. The mesmerising quality of candlelight makes them the perfect relaxation aid and you can try diffusers to add aromatherapy to your wind-down routine.

Industrial side table with black steel frame, fabric chair and bronze table lamp

Photo featuring: Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Side Table

Elements of nature

The importance of houseplants is well talked about – not only do they remove toxins and clean the air, they also enhance your mood and create a living space that is generally more soothing to be in. Houseplants blend with reclaimed wood beautifully, combining to make a space full of gorgeous natural elements. So we really should make room for some of these leafy lovelies in our calming living room!

Rattan armchair next to tall green house plants