How to create a stunning bedroom with a reclaimed wood bed

Reclaimed solid wood bed with pink and green covers

solid wood bed in reclaimed wood with yellow and orange covers

A reclaimed solid wood bed frame truly is a thing of pure beauty, so why would you not want one in your bedroom? Not only does one look beautiful but it’s an eco-friendly choice and goes with all type of interior schemes. You don’t have to limit your look to just rustic. With the right styling, reclaimed wood furniture can blend with modern, traditional or classic interiors, whether that’s in the living room, dining room or bedroom, which is what we’re going to focus on here.

A statement bed

The Onslow bedroom furniture collection comes in many different styles, finishes and sizes. Each and every solid wooden bed, wooden chest of drawers and nightstand is handmade to order, right here in the UK, so of course, a bed crafted will so much skill and care should and will be a focal point in your bedroom. With a statement bed, we think you should decorate around it to ensure your reclaimed wood furniture really is the star of the room.

But, just because your bed has been crafted using old salvaged wood it doesn’t mean you can’t go modern and create a light and airy bedroom – a simple, relaxing sleep sanctuary that lulls you into a peaceful slumber each night. Keep the walls a crisp white and stick with white for window dressings – sheer nets that flutter in a gentle breeze on warm summer evenings and natural white curtains.

Best colours with a reclaimed wood bed

Now you can personalise your blank canvas! As we are working with natural wood you can bring in greens and shades of brown in the form of bedding, houseplants, wall art, mats and rugs. These will all give your bedroom an earthy, chic Boho vibe. However, brighter and fresher hues also pair beautifully with a rustic bed – pinks, purples, Pantone’s new Very Peri also bring out the beauty in the aged wood. If you really wanted to go all-out white, choose a white wooden bed and painted furniture to create an ethereal mood.

reclaimed solid wood bed frame with pink covers

Opt for a dark and cosy room if you like to feel cocooned in your bedroom. Again the bed is the star of your bedroom. You can still keep your walls a clean white but if you have a dark wood floor opt for a darker wood bed and choose darker bedding, curtains and rugs. The gorgeous solid wooden headboard of the Onslow Reclaimed Wood Bed is guaranteed to catch the eye every time someone walks into the room. Layer the bedding on a wooden king size bed and include throws and cushions that contrast the main bed set to give the room a designer look.

An industrial style bed

solid wooden bed with dark blue painted wood panelling

Some of us prefer the cool and functional industrial look and with good reason, it’s a perennial trend that never loses its cool. You can bring in a few industrial elements or go all out and embrace loft-style sleeping. This look again requires lots of natural materials like bare brick, wood and metal. The industrial look is a strong look so it can be softened by using bedding – this is a great way to mix rustic industrial with luxurious elements and embrace contrasts in your bedroom. Velvet is another fabric you can use to blend with an industrial theme to give your room sumptuous warmth – whether that be curtains, scatter cushions or a small armchair for reading.

Share your ideas

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