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How to Create Harmony and Style in the Living Room with Cream Sofas

How to Create Harmony and Style in the Living Room with Cream Sofas

We assume that because cream is a neutral colour that it is easy to work with. But as most interior designers will tell you, working with neutrals can be tougher than working with bold colours!

One slip or mistakes and the room plummets from stylish to insipid, devoid of character and boldness.

We take a look at two of our sofas available in cream and how with clever choices of colour, shape and form, you won’t be anywhere near creating a neutral living room that fails to commit.

The Edale Sofa

The Edale cream sofa has a hint of Chesterfield about it with its button back and low, curvy arms. Where it differs is the curves in its overall shape, a change from the straight, angular appearance of the Chesterfield itself. But what of Edale sofa inspiration for the surrounding décor?

Edale Velvet Sofa and Coffee Table

The velvet Chesterfield sofa alone is something worth celebrating which is why we would use the fading black rug to draw attention to the floor and to the curved of the cream sofa itself.

Carrying the black from the rug would be the narrow console table, perfect for running along a wall close to the cream sofa, giving you ample storage options without the clutter.

Harmony is across this living room and the statuesque industrial display unit would make a fantastic addition – opt for two, for column-like structures that add drama.

But finally, adding more than a hint of the unexpected is the reclaimed wood coffee table on wheels but look at the wheels! The thing we love about reclaimed wood furniture is the quirkiness of it and how sometimes, this can be as obvious as you like!

The York Sofa

Everything that shines and sparkles is sheer silver when it comes to styling a room in our opinion.

The York sofa again alludes to the iconic Chesterfield shape. A fabric chesterfield sofa sits well in any living room and with its neutral backdrop, it lends itself well to adding more colour.

York Cream Sofa

As well as earthy green being an option, there are navy cushions and throws to consider for York sofa inspiration. Or why not opt for a classic contrast of black and white?

A lighter cream rug, one of many living room rugs from which to choose, would work well under the York sofa, especially if using darker coloured scatter cushions for drama and effect.

Stick with high-shine, polished stainless steel for a glamorous look too. A reclaimed wood coffee table, complete with criss-crossed stainless steel legs would work a treat for your afternoon cup or evening cocktail when guests are over for dinner.

For cohesion, choose a side table from the same range. The lower level side table from the Luxe Kensington range is perfection in itself. You could opt for two but we would place one at the far end of the sofa, using it for a dramatic table lamp that fits with the glamorous appeal of this neutral, but characterful living room scheme.

Bold with neutrals

Using neutral colours is not difficult but an item could be easily lost. When choosing a cream sofa, opt for one with detailing such as the button back or a curvy shape that attracts attention, preventing it from sailing into the background.

And use colour, including metallic finishes, and you won’t regret your choice of a cream sofa!

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