Creative ways to style a traditional brown leather sofa

Brown Traditional Chesterfield Sofa

It may be iconic, its shape instantly recognisable, but you’ll still want to ensure that everything around it supports and not detracts from the iconic shape of the traditional, leather Chesterfield sofa.

With such an iconic shape, our assumption is that the brown leather Chesterfield sofa can only be used in a traditionally styled landscape. This is not the case.

Take a look at how to style this beautiful sofa with its timeless elegance and appeal within the industrial style – and without anything jarring or looking out of place.

Blue & Tan

Brown leather comes in many shades including a slightly lighter shade commonly called tan. There is an elegance to this colour that marks it out as being different but not twee or time-limited.

Charlie Tan Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Blue and tan are a combination of two colours that work effortlessly together. It makes sense to pull out the lighter tones of the Charlie leather Chesterfield sofa with the lighter, barely-there blue of the Louis de Poortere rug, ‘Beige Sky’.

The clean industrial look

We often associate the industrial look with sharpness and coolness, but the iconic shape of the Chesterfield sofa with the traditional.

Traditional Leather Chesterfield Brown Leather Sofa

But the low backed Chesterfield fits right into the industrial design, especially with its natural leather material. Even the button back detailing isn’t a problem.

Match the traditional real leather sofa with the understated industrial coffee table for an effortless industrial style furniture chic in the living room landscape. Choose an oversized wall clock and add a note of the unexpected with a grey rug.

Age and character

Many people opt for the Chesterfield styled brown leather sofa because they want the appearance of age, even though it is brand new.

And that’s why the Birley brown leather sofa, complete with Chesterfield styling and detailing is their perfect choice.

Chesterfield Brown Leather Sofa

The leather is not worn, not about to rip or become cracked beyond repair. It will age beautifully.

Again, teaming it with a Lois de Poortere rug frames it perfectly. The salt and pepper rug is ideal with the slightly faded traditional patterning. Add a reclaimed wood coffee table and you have the frame complete.

Best of all worlds

What if we told you that you can have a mix of tweed and leather on one sofa, complete with the Chesterfield shaping? What if we told you brown leather was an option?

Granby Brown Leather and Wool Sofa

With the Granby sofa, you get so much. And a ‘half and half’ Chesterfield sofa is the heady combination of Harris tweed and brown leather.

With its curved arms, low back and caster feet, this Chesterfield styled leather sofa is a sheer delight. Set it off in any room with the use of a reclaimed wood coffee table– look at the prime shape of the Maddox industrial-esque coffee table, for example – and height with industrial oak tall bookcases.

Bring out the warm tones of the wood with the Louis de Poortere Copperfield rug underfoot and there you have it – an effortlessly chic combination of the traditional with the industrial, with nothing out of place or jarring against each other.