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How to create the perfect home office, study and homework area

How to create the perfect home office, study and homework area

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk

From kids' homework and projects to your paperwork to working from home, the modern family home has to offer so much to so many people.

But we can’t always be moving walls and neither can the household budget always afford to replace furniture.

And so, with space and budget in mind, we take a look at how to create a space in your home with reclaimed wood furniture where ‘work’ is done, whether it is your latest work project or your kids needing to get their homework done.

Vibrant and stimulating (but not distracting!)

Child Drawing on Reclaimed Wood Table

This is the mantra that needs chanting as you create a study space in your home.

A homework area needs to be stimulating and vibrant, a comfortable space where your kids will want to do their homework and other projects but at the same time, not provide distractions that prevent this happening.

You also need to make the best use of space because, as every parent knows, the pain of homework on a reclaimed wood dining table can, in many cases, be made even more of a trial with wails of “he looked at me!” or “she’s touching me!” … Far better to get a home desk that provides enough space for both of them to work together – or separately. Along with industrial shelving that works to separate everything they need into their own spaces.

Repurpose furniture

When the budget is tight, spending may not be an option. Rather than trying to kit out the whole space and thus, compromising on the quality of items, invest in high-quality, essential pieces.

For example, a reclaimed wood desk is the ideal base for a homework area and can afford you plenty of personal space between warring siblings.

Repurpose a lightweight, low height bookcase, giving it a spruce up with paint and adding a basket or coloured plastic box for each child to keep their stuff in.

If you want to replace your dining table and chairs, this could be the ideal solution;

·Use your current dining table and chairs as the new base for the homework area. Paint the chairs in the same colour and reupholster the seat pads too to give them a different look and style. Create name tags to hang off the back of each chair so there are no arguments that someone pinched someone else’s seat…

·Invest in a new dining table and chairs for your dining room or kitchen/diner!

Give it a distinct design appeal

Cute accessories

Wall art is never a wasted invested but that doesn’t mean everything has to come in primary colours or look like an extension of school. In fact, you want the opposite style.

As children grow, they appreciate being treated less like children and more like young people, so turn your eye away from anything that looks too school-like and opt for home-style instead.

For example, a small chest of drawers no longer in use in a bedroom or another room can be easily re-purposed for the homework area. Sand it down and use chalk furniture paint to give it a pleasant and stylish finish. Replace the drawer handles to give it an updated look too.

Winchester Reclaimed Wood Tall Chest of Drawers

A tall chest of drawers can also work with the slender drawers being perfect for pens, pencils as well as for keeping crafting material such as A4 sized paper and card.


As well as stylish accessories, you will need to consider lighting. Not only is it a practical need, lighting also helps to create the ambience to a space.

Vermont Table Lamp

This is just as important in a homework area as it is in the rest of the house. As well as table lamps and floor lamps. Hideaway LED string lights behind furniture to provide a warmly illuminated backdrop.

What kind of homework area would your kids like?

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