How to fit a small desk in the bedroom

Wooden Desk in Bedroom

Woman in Bedroom with Desk and Chest of Drawers

Fitting in a workstation in your home can seem like an impossible task, or, for students, squeezing in a desk into a small bedroom at student digs or halls of residence is an even bigger ask.

There are some basics requirements you need to follow, but with clever design and style solutions, you can fit a home desk into a bedroom, a small desk, mind, and not have the bedroom looking cluttered.

Here’s how;

The desk

Before you get carried away and order the smallest desk you can find, you may be surprised at just what you can fit into the room.

But first, you need to measure the room and draw a plan, noting any nooks, crannies and recesses. Which of these can be used?

Oak Ladder Shelving

For example, a tall, slender bookcase or unit like a ladder shelving unit with a slender width of 48cm would make the best use of the space and offer plenty of storage in the bedroom too.

You may not always want to be looking at your work however, and thus, a foldaway narrow desk is the perfect solution. The lighter tone of wood also means it fits perfectly within a smaller bedroom without overtaking the space.

The chair

Office chairs have a tendency to be large and cumbersome, with high backs and a boxy style. It may be ergonomic design but that doesn’t mean there needs to be ‘more chair than you’!

Most people prefer a chair on castors to sit on at their home office desk. For a slimline finish when you are not at your desk, consider a desk chair without armrests to slip under the desk.

Parker Leather Office Chair

However, the right desk chair depends not just on your own preference but also on the work you do. Designers and artists will often work on a stool, supporting them in an almost-standing position at their workstation.

The storage

A wooden desk in a bedroom is all well and good but you need adequate storage. The last thing you need is a messy, cluttered desk in your eyeline as you fall asleep and wake up.

A desk with storage is an ideal solution but many can be too large to squeeze into the bedroom. The solution is separate storage that can be used for both work items and bedroom items too.

As well as the ladder shelving in a recess, why not consider adding a beautifully stylish low-height shelving and cupboard sideboard? By opting for lower height items, you can be sure it won’t overpower the space. Plus the fact, it doesn’t look like a home office item which means you don’t have to worry about a corporate feel in the bedroom…

The position

And finally, if the bedroom dimensions and shape allow, you need your desk to benefit from as much natural light as possible. Banish shade with a desktop light, choosing a similar style on your bedside tables to bring a sense of cohesion to the room.