How to create the perfect sleep sanctuary

Sleep good - feel good
Lots of stressors and changes in routines are playing havoc with our sleep patterns. Here we have put together a few practical things that you can do to help create the perfect bedroom help your drift off into an easy sleep.
Woman wearing white long sleeved t-shirt asleep in wooden bed with white covers

Get the right size bed

A king size wooden bed frame is the most popular size bed in the UK - this will fit in most bedrooms and allow you some room for a small bedside table either side of the bed as well as other bedroom furniture. But, what about the headboard? If you like to wind down by propping up and reading then you might be more comfortable with a custom height headboard. The Beam range is handcrafted in our UK workshop - whether you want a wooden double bed or a king size, our skilled craftsmen will be able to make bespoke height head and footboards. The Beam reclaimed wood furniture range includes chests of drawers, under bed storage drawers, bedside tables and blanket boxes all produced using reclaimed wood to fill your sanctuary with warm and rustic charm. 

High back reclaimed wood bed with white covers and silk dressing gown hanging on white fitted wardrobesPhoto featuring: Beam High-Back Reclaimed Wood Bed

Invest in a good mattress

You might have the perfect reclaimed wood bed frame - but this is only the half of it. A good mattress is a must-have - especially if you’re experiencing back pain in the morning, you’re not sleeping well or if you get better rest in other places like a chair or sofa. Do some online research to see what might suit you. A mattress should be replaced around every 10 years so it's definitely worth getting a good one. 

Keep tech out of sight

It really is a good idea to keep phones and tablets off the bedside table. If you can't sleep then it is way too tempting to start scrolling or keep checking the time on your phone. Unfortunately, this will do quite the opposite to getting you off to sleep. If you have a  large chest of drawers  a bit further away from your bed put your phone on there to charge.

Woman under white duvet with her hand holding a mobile phone

More decluttering

A restful environment should be clear of clutter - make sure you have the right storage solutions in your bedroom. A small dressing table is perfect for keeping cosmetics and toiletries in, a chest of drawers for foldaway garments and a wooden wardrobe to hang clothes. The Winchester wardrobe (below) has drawers at the bottom, this is a great choice if you are limited for space.

Large dark wooden bed with blankets and cushions, and matching bedside table and wardrobe

Get the temperature right

The ideal temperature for sleep is 15 to 22 degrees Celsius but this does vary from person to person. If your partner likes a cooler bedroom then keep an extra throw in a wooden blanket box at the foot of your bed for those cooler nights.

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