How to declutter the living room

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table and Brown Leather Sofa

Surprisingly, decluttering is not just about getting rid of stuff from the living room but about creating storage solutions that work for you. We take a look at how to declutter, without going so minimal that your living room looks and feels sparse.

1 De-clutter – reassign or recycle

The first step is to spend some time sorting through everything you have in the living room. De-cluttering can be cathartic for some, especially after the busy festive holiday period but for others, it can be an emotional journey.

Effective decluttering consists of making three ‘piles’ of items – stuff that is staying in the living room, stuff that needs to be reassigned, stuff for recycling.

Don’t bother with a ‘maybe’ pile – be brave!

2 Storage solutions

Now you have decided what items are staying, what are to be reassigned and which items are being recycled, this is what you need to do (in order!):

  1. Recycle the items immediately so you have more space to work

  2. Reassign items to other rooms and locations

  3. Decide the best storage solutions for items remaining

3 Getting storage right

For storage to work, it needs to be easily accessible – the quicker and easier it is to reach for something and put away again, the more likely you are to take this full range of actions.

However, before you rush out and buy ‘storage solutions’, as well as considering what you have to store, you need to consider the space you have to fit it in and whether you want it on display or not.


Oak Ladder Shelf

Store things about head height that you will only need to reach for on rare occasions. For example, books and pretty accessories work well on the higher levels of a ladder bookshelf, for example.


Be careful storing things on the floor as this contributes to the ‘full and cluttered’ look that can befall a room. If the living room is small, keep the floor space as clear as possible, choosing furniture that has a gap between its underside and the floor – in other words on legs! A coffee table with storage could be a great option here.

Rocco Industrial Oak Coffee Table

Things stored at a lower level, for example in a large sideboard, should be items you need to get at occasionally. Closed storage such as a sideboard is also great for ‘hiding’ things away.


The things you reach for most often should be ‘in the middle’ or hand height for a better description.

Again, it is your own personal preference as to what you want on show or not.

4 Dual purpose furniture

Making the most of the space you have is important when it comes to enjoying a decluttered look and feel to the living room.

There are all kinds of options and many people looking to declutter choose Scandinavian furniture that offers clean lines and a fresh look. A coffee table with storage wouldn’t look out of place against the beautiful brown leather sofa or perfect for framing the leather armchair in your reading nook.

Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair

Decluttering is about creating storage solutions for a room, as much as it is about getting rid of things. Are you planning on decluttering the living room after the festive holiday?