Reclaimed bedsides with drawers for every budget

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Lamp Table

Bed side tables are essential in the bedroom whether they are framing a king-sized bed or a single bed in the guest bedroom. Adding a note of detail to the bedroom landscape, getting the right style at the right price is top of everyone’s list.

Luxury doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag

Luxury can mean many different things but if luxury to you is simplicity with a lightness of style and colour, then the Savannah bedside table is spot on. Lending itself to the coastal style, there is a versatility to this piece for £149 that also sees it fit with the rustic bedroom too. With both a drawer and shelf for storage, this is a delightful piece, inoffensive and practical and at an ideal price point too.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bedside

Rustic beauty

With a drawer and shelf space, this beautifully rustic bedside table for £195 from the Dorset Collection is surely one of the must-have bedside tables for any bedroom, from the guest bedroom to the master suite. It has a charm all of its own but we love it for its versatility too. It would look out of place in the living room, would it?

Dorset Reclaimed Wood Bedside

Rustic meets industrial

We have long coveted every piece in the Standford Collection and no wonder. Rustic furniture effortlessly fuses with industrial charm, something that is not lost with this pretty wooden side table. At £219, the price reflects the handcrafted finish and build of this piece, making your piece unique to you. The use of reclaimed wood furniture means that you are not following the crowd, something that we know is attractive to many of our customers. Elegant and understated, like the previous examples, this bedside table is perfect for the bedroom but would also be equally at home nestled next to the living room sofa.

Standford Reclaimed Wood Bedside

Cubic delight!

A cube shape is pleasingly uncomplex, drawing the eye and not jarring or jolting against its surroundings. The cube reclaimed wood bedside table attracts the eye, ideal for the rustic bedroom we think but great for the Scandinavian style too. Available in the colour finishes – natural, medium and dark – the romance of using reclaimed beams for these bedside cubes is not lost either. For £235, you can start to create your own bespoke bedside cube, specifying your perfect dimensions for this delightful must-have piece of bedroom furniture to go with your reclaimed wood bed.

Beam Reclaimed Wood Bedside

The ‘crème de la crème’ of the bedside table world

Detailed. Elegant. Enticing. Just three words to describe the sheer beauty of the Barclay bedside table. Rather than 6 small drawers as the front detailing suggests, it is, in fact, one deep drawer, perfect for hiding away the small things you don’t want on show. The light metal legs stop this piece from looking too cumbersome, something that can be levelled against darker wood pieces.

Barclay Reclaimed Wood Bedside

Coming in at £425, this is an ‘investment’ piece and we know that this means you look for versatility. This is a bedside table that would suit the rustic bedroom, just as it would the uber-stylish living room. It would also make a beautiful addition to the hallway, with a large table lamp to highlight its features.

Which bedside table has your name on it?