How to design a functional home office with flair

Oldman Reclaimed Wood White Desk

The home office can be a difficult thing to style. Often built into whatever space you might have to hand, there is often very little room to create a really productive working area. However, with the right home office furniture, any office, large or small can be organised to make it a more rewarding environment. Here, we take a look at a few examples of reclaimed wood furniture, and a few extras too, which will inspire you to design a home office that is a beautiful, yet highly functional space.

Choose your desk – and chair – wisely

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Desk

Opting for a reclaimed wood desk is something we’d obviously recommend, as we have so many beautiful options to choose from. However, getting the right home office desk is all about how you want the space to feel. For example, if you’re trying to make your home office seem larger, you might want to opt for a lighter colour when it comes to your furniture, and this white industrial desk clearly fits the bill – allowing for plenty of workspace without taking up the whole of the room.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Desk

Alternatively, you might prefer a desk with drawers, such as the Worcester reclaimed wood desk for all those spare pens and post-its that form part of most people’s office clutter. This will again help the space to seem more ordered, and you’ll be able to find all those small items such as paperclips and the like easily, allowing you to be more productive. For a more serious feel to the office, the Quinton desk would be a fantastic choice, paired with a sumptuous brown leather office chair, it offers comfort, style and space to stack away any paperwork you might not need to hand right away.

Mustang Brown Leather Office Chair

Storage options can be stylish

Mitcham Industrial Oak Bookcase

When it comes to creating a space that helps with productivity, storage plays a key role. While the filing cabinet may have its uses, many people now prefer something a little more stylish – think a beautiful wood bookcase such as the Mitcham or the Rocco, with neat box files interspersed with quirky ornaments – the ultimate in style and organisation. Alternatively, you could consider bringing in a sideboard to your home office. The Rustic Mitcham sideboard would easily fit a home printer, a set of wire ‘in trays’ and some greenery on top, allowing you to have everything you need within easy reach in the cupboards below. Or, you could go quirky with the squared sideboard, also by Mitcham. This is an ideal alternative to a filing cabinet, as you can separate all your important filing but without the unattractive design of the standard filing cabinet.

Mitcham Rustic Oak Industrial Sideboard

It’s the little things that count

Of course, it’s not just the layout of the office that could have an effect on your productivity. Choosing your accessories will not just set your space off nicely, it could add real value to your working environment. Our tips on accessories to boost your productivity include:

Keeping an eye on the time – Opting for a large industrial wall clock that you can’t miss, or considering a table clock in your eyeline means you won’t lose track of time.

Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock

Creating the right atmosphere – There is a range of options when it comes to boosting your productivity with scent. Whether it’s stress-busting lavender misting gently from a diffuser, or a scented candle with a citrus fragrance to make you more alert, getting the atmosphere right really can have an effect on how much you can get done.

Rathnornes Diffuser and Box

Get the lighting right – Whether a table lamp for darker evenings, or a floor lamp you can position to best effect, having the right light could really help you work better.

These are our picks for the ultimate in home office productivity, but which one will you choose to help you work more efficiently?