Enhance your dining experience with an 8 seater table

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

Eight is the perfect number for a dinner party. Not too big that the group fractures into smaller groups but not too small to feel ‘awkward’. But what can be awkward is when diners are squashed around a table, elbows knocking when someone reaches for the salt or their wine glass. An extendable, 8-seater dining table is a must. But what are the style options?

Industrial extravagance

The industrial style – the fusion of reclaimed wood furniture with steel – is not one you would expect to be described as extravagant. But the modern twist on the style means that it can and so we’ll start with the Kingsbridge reclaimed wood dining table.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak Dining Table

The beautiful inlay design of its top should be admired by everyone. The angular U-shaped legs also allow for a diner to be easily accommodated at either short end, with no painful banging of the knees.

It is an extendable industrial dining table that welcomes an extra layer of glamour which is why the velvet upholstered dining chairs, in rich, beautiful colours, are a perfect choice, making for a fantastic extendable dining table and chairs set that looks and feels inviting.

Not that you would want to hide the inlaid tabletop but imagine this large wood dining table with a midnight black tablecloth draped over it, complete with brass accessories and champagne flutes for your next dinner party – what a table setting that would be!

True industrial style

Reclaimed wood can be left both in its ‘natural’ state or it can be sanded and nurtured to become the elegant table top of the extendable reclaimed wood dining table Standford Industrial collection.

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table

It too has generous extendable proportions that make it ideal for when you entertain. Like the previous table, it has angular, U-shaped legs which are ideal for accommodating diners around all four edges. For a chic look at a formal dinner party, a crisp white tablecloth is a perfect base from which to build.

Soften the edges with the gentle glow of candles in lanterns dotted around the rest of the dining room – the large, industrial sideboard would welcome a little attention! – along with a soft glow from a table lamp being reflected by a dining room mirror.

Industrial meets rustic

The fusion between the industrial style and rustic is a natural one. Both rely heavily on the fusion of natural materials – reclaimed wood – with the natural setting from which the style emulates.

The reclaimed wood trestle dining table is a remarkable piece of furniture as it fits both styles and can provide a bridge in connecting one to the other. When you uber-usefulness from the dining table, a dining bench is your instant friend. Imagine the number of friends you can squish on a bench for an informal get-together.

Industrial Lansdowne Rustic Wood Extending Dining Table

But add a variety of accessories and leather dining chairs and it instantly transforms into beautiful, formal dining space to welcome guests for an evening of eating, drinking and merriment.

Adding a polished metallic finish instantly lifts any dining table and adding metal-framed mirrors to the walls continues this theme, bringing cohesion, symmetry and balance to the dining room.

And then, when guests are gone, the table resumes its stance as an everyday staple.