How to dress your dining table for a stylish Halloween

black and gold dining table decorations for Halloween

If you have organised a spooky Halloween dinner party for friends and family then you might want to give the dining table a little bit of a Halloween makeover. Go for something a little bit more stylish and alternative with our top tips for a stylish Halloween.

Top tips for a stylish Halloween

Set a colour scheme

Kids love to see ‘busy’ and fun decorations with lots going on and lots of colour but it tends not to look very sophisticated. Set a colour scheme for your table decor – like white and gold, it doesn’t have to be orange.

pink dinner plate on wooden dining table with cream painted squashes

We love how pale pink has been bought into this Halloween table setting – small Halloween ornaments can be clustered together used as a room decoration, on a mantlepiece for example, or on a rustic dining table where you can create a spooky centrepiece. The beauty is that these pieces can be stored away and used year after year.

All black

All black never fails to impress and is the perfect colour for Halloween – it always looks dramatic, stylish and sophisticated, especially when combined with the warm wood tabletop of a reclaimed wood dining table. Of course, mixing in a touch of gold will also help to break up and bring some glamour to the black table setting. Add some faux cobwebs to the back of upholstered dining chairs and stand a witches broom and black hat in the corner.

black table cloth on wooden dining table with gold painted pumpkins

Work with nature

If you have reclaimed wood furniture then you have the perfect opportunity to bring in natural elements. A twig tree to suspend cutouts of bats and spiders from, an autumnal garland around the fireplace. If you have a rustic sideboard then make the most of the surface by adding some more Halloween displays, something chic and simple, like an autumnal display of flowers and berries.

Halloween wreath

Wreaths are gaining in popularity for every seasonal celebration. Traditionally part of Christmas decorations only, wreathes have made their way to Easter and now are gaining popularity as a Halloween decoration. You don’t have to hang one on the front door but you can use it as a chic wooden dining table decoration. Make one yourself using Halloween decorations bought in any store and add them to a wreath made from autumn foliage and some candles for a spooky atmosphere.

Halloween wreath with pumpkins and autumn flowers on dark blue background


A carved pumpkin is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Halloween so this humble fruit (and, yes, it is a fruit not a vegetable) should not be left off the list. But you don’t have to stick with orange, you can paint small pumpkins black or white and add some glitter over the top to bring in some glamour. And of course, if you are looking for a farmhouse style Halloween table setting then traditional orange pumpkins are absolutely the right thing.

Halloween wooden dining table with black and white gingham napkins and orange pumpkins

Here, pumpkins and gingham napkins give the farmhouse table an elegant country feel while still looking super stylish. Wouldn’t your guests love to squeeze up on a wooden dining bench and dig into a spooky Halloween meal around this beautifully set table?