Easy ways to elevate your Halloween decorations

easy ways to elevate your Halloween decorations

Halloween is often thought of as a bit kitsch – something just for kids to get dressed up and go trick or treating – but adults can get in on the action too with something a little more sophisticated and grown-up. If you have any reclaimed wood furniture or rustic furniture in your home then you already have a great foundation to set off some super stylish Halloween decorations. Here we look at a few alternative ideas that will help you elevate your Halloween house decor.

5 Stylish Halloween Decor Ideas

white pumpkins and white halloween decorations

1. Paint pumpkins

Instead of carving out creepy faces on the standard orange pumpkins, you can paint the pumpkins a stylish white. Paint simple black scary faces on them if you like, much easier than pumpkin carving! Get a selection of different sized pumpkins and create an attractive and elegant feature on a reclaimed wood coffee table in your living room or on a rustic console table in the hallway ready to welcome your guests as they arrive.

black painted small squashes with coffee beans for easy ways to elevate your halloween decorations

2. Fill glass jars or vases with Halloween decor

Keep your Halloween decorations in more impressive clusters rather than scattered all around the house. Use glass jars to display Halloween decorations and attach several cutouts of black bats together on a string and suspend them from a witches broom or add simple cob webbing to the corners of rustic furniture for a spooky feel.

halloween decorations black witches hat on hallway bench

3. Go for a cosy and welcoming look

Mix mini white painted pumpkins or white squashes with cosy autumnal textures like wool and faux fur. Dim lighting will help create a more spooky and cosy atmosphere, candlelight is perfect for a Halloween dinner party or you can use fairy lights scattered with mini painted squashes on your reclaimed wood dining table. Marry Halloween with autumn and bring in warm-coloured autumnal flower, or twig, displays.

dried flowers and stylish Halloween decorations on front door step

You can also decorate your front door with Halloween wreaths and a few different sized pumpkins by your front door, they don’t even need to be carved. Garlands of autumnal leaf displays framing the door also look lovely and give a warm welcome to guests.

4. Go all black!

Halloween doesn’t have to be orange. Stick with black and decorate an area of your dining room or living room; maybe around the fireplace to make a really impressive display. If you don’t have a fireplace then consider the top of a wooden sideboard. A witches hat or cape is a really handy accessory, hang one on a hook by the fireplace in the living room.

white fireplace with broomstick and black Halloween decorations

5. Keep it simple

If you are just having a quiet Halloween night in then there is no need to go all out and spend hours decorating your house! Bring in a hint of Halloween and add small accents here and there in your home. Just a little display on a sideboard, wooden side table or rustic bookcase is all you need to be part of the fun.