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How to fit a Christmas tree in a small living room

How to fit a Christmas tree in a small living room

If you have a small and cosy room you probably don’t have lots of spare space to put a big bulging Christmas tree. Here we have a few suggestions to help fit it all in, ready for the festive season.

Lit up white Christmas trees with presents underneath in dark room

Stand a small tree on a table

A 1.2m tree can be stood on a large sideboard or a reclaimed wood coffee table it would pretty much reach the ceiling in most rooms – this works great for a small room and does not take up any additional floor space. You can also do this if you want to add a second tree in your dining room while minimising the chance of people brushing into it as they take their seat at the table.

Small Christmas tree on white wooden coffee table

If you only have a mantlepiece, a narrow console table or just a rustic TV stand available to place your tree on then you can get some pretty cute and quite small trees, you could put one each side and tie it all together using fairy lights and garlands – this is a great way to get lovely decorations into a room if you are limited for space.

Choose a tall narrow tree

This would be the ideal solution – there are many available in different styles and colours available. This will save hugely on space, just make sure you stack the presents underneath it carefully, so they are not in walkways for people to trip over! A tall narrow tree will also look good as it will make your room look taller.

Thin Christmas tree in living room with snow frosting

Put the tree in the corner

This is another popular choice and a logical solution. A corner is a perfect place, neatly tucked out of the way. If you have an artificial Christmas tree chances are you can bend and rearrange some of the branches towards the back of the tree to allow you to push it further into the corner, presents can be tidily stacked underneath. You can put a small armchair in front of all or part of the tree so you still have plenty of seating in your room.

White mantelpiece with Christmas wreath decoration and white armchair

Move out a piece of furniture to make room

If there is a piece of furniture you can manage without then move it to another room to make some space for your tree. Think a fabric armchair, an oak side table, a floor standing plant pot or a floor lamp – you could move one of these items out the way, into a corner of the room to temporarily to make space for your tree. It could even be a house plant - and reuse the plant pot to put a tree in over the festive season.

Small Christmas tree in living room with green wooden armchair

Get creative and consider a wall tree

This is quite a new way to get a Christmas tree into a small room and can look pretty good. Instead of having a big round tree taking up room you can now get wall-mounted trees, half trees to stand against a wall or ones made from twigs that hang completely flat on the wall. We love this idea of using boxed presents to make the shape of a tree on the wall!

Wrapped presents against a wall in shape of a Christmas tree



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